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Kanye West Files 26 Trademark Applications to Protect “YEWS”

A California company which is listed as the owner for Kanye West’s trademarks with the USPTO has filed 26 new trademark applications for “YEWS.” The filings, made on October 2, cover a significant range of goods and services.  Per statements made in the filings, Kanye’s company has a “bona fide intent” to use the trademarks in connection with these goods and services. […]

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X Corp. Sued for Trademark Infringement

A trademark infringement lawsuit has been filed against X Corp. (formerly known as Twitter) by X SOCIAL MEDIA LLC. The lawsuit was filed on Monday, October 2, 2023 by Gerben Perrott on behalf of X SOCIAL MEDIA LLC. View the Lawsuit Contact Gerben Perrott

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Twitter’s “X” Rebrand: What About the Trademarks?

The Twitter rebrand to “X” is the trademark story of the year. Here’s a few reasons why: The Twitter trademark is known (and protected) around the world.Elon Musk’s recent decision to rebrand Twitter as “X,” abandoning a globally recognized and protected trademark in favor of a new one is unprecedented. Registering trademarks in the United States and overseas can take […]

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LuLaRoe, LuLaRich, or LuLaLawsuit? Amazon Docuseries on LuLaRoe Highlights Needs for Copyright Diligence

The new Amazon Prime docuseries “LuLaRich” shined an unflattering spotlight on LuLaRoe’s business practices and its vast teams of independent fashion retailers, highlighting the pressures of a growing company to meet near-impossible market demands. LuLaRoe has faced multiple copyright infringement lawsuits, which allege that the clothing company’s race to create enabled its designers to steal other artists’ work. What is LuLaRoe? […]

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Slaying the Monster: How a Minor League Hockey Team Beat Monster Energy and Registered Their ‘Cleveland Monster’ Trademarks

Monster Energy is known to have a significant trademark enforcement program around its ‘MONSTER’ trademark and associated logos.  In one notable case, Monster Energy ignited a six-year long trademark dispute with the Toronto Raptors by opposing the team’s trademark applications for a “claw-tearing-through-basketball” logo. The concern about Monster Energy’s trademark enforcement tactics is that they can be focused on small businesses, […]

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Taylor Swift Files 25 Trademark Applications for “TAYLOR’S VERSION”

Taylor Swift’s company, TAS Rights Management, filed 25 trademark applications on February 10th and 11th for variations of “TAYLOR’S VERSION.” Swift announced that she will be re-recording all six albums made under her previous label, Big Machine Records, all of which have since been sold to Shamrock Capital. Not only did Swift file “TAYLOR’S VERSION” trademark applications for the Fearless […]

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Drake and Nike Collab: “FORZA NOCTA” Trademark

In past few weeks, there has been increased speculation that Drake and Nike will be dropping a clothing collaboration. Thanks to trademark applications that have been filed with the USPTO, recent documents may provide some clues about what will be included in the collaboration. The first interesting filing noted is a “FORZA NOCTA” application that was filed in January of […]

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Nelly Files Trademark Application for “YUNG SWIVEL”

Nelly has filed a trademark application for “YUNG SWIVEL,” a nickname he developed while on Dancing with the Stars. According to a story on ET Online, Nelly is says that he uses the “YOUNG SWIVEL” nickname because he can be a little stiff and it loosens him up. The trademark application, filed on October 7th, covers a wide variety of […]

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Dr. Dre’s Wife Claims Partial Rights to “DR. DRE” Trademarks

Dr. Dre’s wife, Nicole Young, has filed for divorce from him in California Court. While Gerben Law typically does not cover family matters, this case makes a very significant trademark claim. In the complaint that Nicole Young filed in the Superior Court for the State of California, she makes the accusation that “Andre ‘Dr. Dre’ Young was caught secretly transferring […]

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Yeezy, LLC Files Trademarks for “WEST DAY EVER” and New Logo

Kanye West’s company, Yeezy, LLC, has filed two new trademark applications. The first application is for the phrase “WEST DAY EVER,” which originated from a Kim Kardashian West tweet announcing the partnership between Gap and Yeezy, LLC. The company also filed a trademark application for a new logo that appears to be a graphic of a ‘Y’ with a dot […]

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5B Artists + Media Files Trademarks for “ROCK AGAINST RACISM”

5B Artists + Media has filed three new trademark applications for “ROCK AGAINST RACISM.” This company manages popular metal and rock bands including Slipknot, Megadeath and Flogging Molly. The applications, just filed on June 15th, indicate that 5B Artists + Media intends to use the “ROCK AGAINST RACISM” trademark for offering live music concerts and live music concert tours. They […]

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Paris Hilton Files 9 Trademarks for “SLIVING”

Paris Hilton filed nine new trademark applications for “SLIVING”.  The filings were all made on March 5th. The term, invented by Hilton in 2019, is combination of ‘slaying’ and ‘living’. Hilton filed the applications on an intent-to-use basis, meaning that she plans to sell all the goods and services listed in her applications under the “SLIVING” brand. This includes products […]

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