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How to Use Trademarks to Build Your Toy Brand

Children, unlike their parents and grandparents, are often the most brand loyal customers around. Studies have shown that brand awareness can begin as early as two-years-old, and it’s often hard to break a loyalty once it’s been established. For people in the toy industry, this means that a strong brand is the key to success. While several factors can help grow […]

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How to Protect Your Board Game Trademarks

In today’s digital world, board games are still thriving. There has been a boom in the board game industry over the past ten years and with new funding streams as well as a growing consumer base, the board game industry looks to continue its renaissance. At the heart of the boom has been new game designers and companies exploring new […]

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How to Trademark the Name of a Toy

Bringing a new toy product to market requires a great deal of development and research – not to mention quite a bit of creativity. You’re identifying a need in the market, deciding what kind of toy you’d like to produce, designing it for manufacture, and either licensing it or overseeing production yourself. One key component not to overlook: naming the toy. […]

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