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How Much Does it Cost to Trademark a Clothing Brand?

In the clothing industry, branding is everything. To be successful, you must protect and manage your brand while your business and your clothing line grow. A trademark registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, or USPTO, is the best way to both protect and maintain control of your brand. While there are costs associated with registering your trademark, […]

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Rag & Bone Holdings Files a Trade Dress Application for the Number 44

On February 22, the retail brand Rag & Bone Holdings made a trade dress filing for the number 44. Why would the retail brand want to make a filing for this number on the sleeve of bomber jackets? Well, the 44th president, Barack Obama, was recently seen wearing this style of jacket at a UNC-Duke game.  Only a few days […]

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Protecting the Name of Your Etsy Store

Etsy is one of the biggest “hand-made” marketplaces in the word. However, very few sellers go through the process of protecting their Etsy store names through trademark law. As a result, Etsy sellers could be missing out on the chance to grow their business in Etsy and beyond into other marketplaces by not properly protecting their names as trademarks. Protecting the […]

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‘Trade Dress’ed: Can You Protect Clothing Design Elements Through Trademark Law?

When you think of a clothing line, most people think of the name on the tag or neckline, or maybe a symbol or logo. These words, phrases, and symbols are powerful identifiers of a company’s brand and act as a stand-in for everything a consumer feels about a product, all in one trademark. QUESTIONS ABOUT CLOTHING TRADEMARKS? Clothing trademarks can […]

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How to Prove “Commercial Use” For a Clothing Brand Trademark

Registering your trademark for a clothing line is a significant step in protecting your brand. However, trademark registration is full of potential mistakes that can result in delays, or worse, in the denial of the application before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). One of the trickiest parts of trademark registration is the “use in commerce” requirement. “Use?” […]

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Handling Trademark Infringement Issues on Etsy

The online marketplace has become a place where artisans and antique collectors not only sell their wares, but run full-fledged, dedicated businesses through the site. That’s how popular it now is. With that popularity has come, as Etsy continues to expand, a vast number of new sellers every day, looking to take advantage of the site’s success. With that many […]

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Rare Trademark Appeal Success at TTAB: Redneck Racegirl v. Racegirl

In a rare reversal, the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board reversed an examiner’s finding that the stylized REDNECK RACEGIRL mark for various athletic apparel was confusingly similar to the standard word mark RACEGIRL for hats, belts, shirts and other apparel in Class 25. In its decision, the TTAB looked at the similarity of the marks, the similarity of the goods and […]

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Why Should I Hire An Attorney to Help Trademark My Clothing Brand?

As an entrepreneur, the idea of starting a clothing line is a very attractive one. It allows you to combine your creative drive with your business acumen – two qualities that most entrepreneurs possess in abundance. Starting out, however, many entrepreneurs who are interested in the fashion and apparel industries may underestimate the importance of a trademark for their clothing brand. […]

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How to Trademark a Clothing Brand – 5 Things to Know

There’s a lot of information floating around the internet about how to trademark the name of a clothing brand. I wrote this article to cut through the clutter and provide you with the five most critical things you should know when seeking trademark protection. Ultimately, the value of most clothing brands is completely tied to your main brand elements such […]

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5 Steps to Trademark a Jewelry Brand

Trademarking your jewelry brand is an important consideration when you set out in that industry. As anyone who’s ever wondered whether a ring or a necklace was the genuine artifact knows, there’s a lot of competition in the jewelry world to stand out as a desirable brand – whether that means high-end, trendy, cutting edge, or any number of other distinctive […]

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Performing a Trademark Search for a Brand of Clothing

Today, we are going to look at how to run a trademark search for clothing. As a reminder, the US government breaks all products and services down into 45 different classes in which a trademark can be filed. These are called “international classes”, and we will take a closer look at those applicable to clothing items. As a disclaimer, while […]

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How Do I Register my Clothing Line Trademark?

Registering a trademark for a clothing line or brand can be confusing for many people. There are a number of different factors like your company or brand name, logo, and the design of the clothing itself that may be treated differently under trademark law, depending on usage. Let’s examine what aspects of your company and your clothing line can be […]

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