Miley Cyrus Files Trademark for “BANDIT AND BARDOT”

The company that owns all of Miley Cyrus’ trademarks, Smiley Miley Inc., has filed a new trademark application for “BANDIT AND BARDOT.” The application, filed on December 1st, was drafted in such a way that the trademark appears to be the name of a new band. When filing trademarks for band names, artists will often start by filing an International […]

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Trademark Protection For a Band or Musician Name

Protecting the name of your band or musical acts name can help prevent confusion and can make marketing easier in the crowded music space. However, there are certain ways that musician trademarks differ from a typical trademark, especially in the requirements for registering a trademark for musical recordings with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (the USPTO.) Should I […]

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3 Important Reasons to Trademark Your Band Name

When you trademark your band’s name, you are making a major investment in the protection of your band’s identity and name, and you’re helping to prevent some major pitfalls and problems – ones that can create big headaches for you down the line.  Protecting your band’s identity and name is important to your success – you’ve invested a great deal […]

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What Do Musicians Need to Know About Trademarks?

As you may have heard recently, trademark attorneys for Taylor Swift have filed for trademark protection for a number of lyrics and phrases taken from her songs. These trademark applications are still working their way through the USPTO approval protocol, so it remains to be seen whether the marks will be approved.  That being said, the need and desire for musicians […]

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How to Trademark a Band Name

From novice musicians to established arena rock stars alike, one of the biggest things that a band has going for them – aside from their songs – is their name. After all, how many times do you hear (or ask) the question, “Who sings that?” Regardless of if you’re looking to make it big, or just play locally or regionally, it’s […]

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