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What is the Cost of an Australian Trademark?

Your brand is a treasured asset, and the only way to ensure it is fully protected is by registering a trademark. Australian trademarks, like their U.S. counterparts, must be registered with the government to acquire protection for your assets. The cost of registering your trademark depends on the number of classes you wish to file. Assuming there are no objections or […]

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The Cost to Register a U.S. Trademark as an Australian Business

Deciding to pursue an international trademark is a critical investment for any expanding business. As a company based in Australia, you may be feeling the confines of working solely within the mainland, or perhaps you are doing business across borders without the security that a trademark registration provides. If you are looking to expand your company into the United States, a […]

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Advantages of a U.S. Trademark Registration for Australian Businesses

If you are an Australian business owner currently considering applying for American trademark registration, you likely already have an idea of the myriad of benefits that a US trademark can provide you. Not only will the value of your trademark grow in correlation to your newly expanded business within the United States, but the registration will offer you irreplaceable protection against […]

Australian Trademarks, International

5 Steps for Australian Businesses Registering a U.S. Trademark

The 5 steps needed to register a United States trademark as an Australian based business: File your trademark in Australia. Engage a US trademark attorney. Conduct a US trademark search. File your trademark with the USPTO. Properly maintain your US registration. File Your Trademark in Australia First If you haven’t already done so, begin the process to register your trademark in […]

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