Patents, The Basics

What is a Patent and How Can it Help Your Business?

If innovation is the lifeblood of your business, then success may depend on creating products, processes, and technologies that will fuel your company’s growth. But, innovation is only the beginning. You also face the task of protecting your inventions for years to come. A well-constructed, legally-solid patent is the most essential part of that process. What is a patent, and why […]

Patents, The Basics

How Long is the Patent Process (From Start to Finish)?

While you may be an inventor coming up with innovative ideas for products or systems, navigating the process of obtaining a patent for those ideas could be treacherous territory and a lengthy process. According to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), it takes about 22 months to acquire a patent and with the help of an experienced patent attorney, […]

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How Much Does it Cost to Obtain a Patent?

As an inventor and entrepreneur, you likely understand the value of protecting your intellectual property. After investing substantial time, energy and finances on research and development of your product, however, you may be concerned about how much a patent will cost, despite the valuable protections it provides. While a variety of factors, including the type of patent, the size of your […]

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Can Intellectual Property Be Sold?

Just like any other kind of property, intellectual property is able to be bought and sold. Unlike physical property, however, there is an added complexity to IP transactions that coincides with the transfer of the intangible value that it possesses. The price tag set on your trademarks, copyrights, or patents is determined by numerous factors, such as market- and cost-based estimates, […]

Patents, The Basics

Can You Patent an Idea?

For many inventors, a patent is one of the most worthwhile investments one can make, as they can often provide different layers of protection for those seeking exclusive rights to their inventions and products. Without a patent, a competitor may be able to make and profit from your product or invention. To prevent this and to protect your inventions, patents are […]

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Relocating Your Business to Philadelphia? Things to Consider

If you are a future Philly-business owner, you have almost certainly put time and effort into understanding your company’s new marketplace and the changes you may face in your industry environment upon relocation. When making a big move, it is even more important than ever to make sure that your branding, the key elements that represent your business and its reputation […]

Patents, The Basics

How Long Does a Patent Last (Calculating the Term Length)

Unlike some other forms of intellectual property, patents cannot be renewed for an indefinite period of time.  Most notably, trademarks have a different process for renewals. Instead, patents have an expiration date and the length of a patent varies based on a range of factors. Calculating the term of a patent can be difficult and can involve a number of factors, […]

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The Main Types of Intellectual Property

There are three main types of intellectual property: A trademark is anything that represents a brand. Words, logos, and slogans are common trademarks. A copyright protects works of authorship, including novels, poetry, art, and music. A patent protects aspects of an invention, which can include both functionality and design. 1. Trademarks So what is a trademark? A trademark is anything that […]

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How to Patent a Product

Steps to patent a product provided by a patent attorney: Hire an experienced patent attorney. Determine whether you should consider a design patent, a utility patent, or both. Work with your patent attorney to conduct a patentability search. File your application with the USPTO. Respond to Office Actions by set deadlines. Hire an Experienced Patent Attorney As an inventor, you’ve likely […]

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How to File a Patent Application for a New Product or Invention

For many inventors, a patent is one of the most worthwhile investments one can make—the patent laws ensure that anyone who “invents or discovers any new and useful process, machine, manufacture, or composition of matter, or any new and useful improvement thereof, may obtain a patent therefor.” Without a patent, an opposing or competing party may be able to make and […]

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How to Protect Product Packaging using Copyrights, Design Patents, and Trade Dress

Many business owners know that names, slogans, and logo can act as trademarks and can give the owner exclusive rights to use that phrase in connection with their products and services. But how can business owners protect the design and look of their product or product packaging to stop competitors from making similar packaging? Protecting the “look and feel” of a […]

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