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This trademark blog and informational section of the website is meant to provide you with answers to commonly asked questions about trademark searching, filing, and registration.

What are the U.S. Trademark Registration Requirements?

As an individual or business considering a trademark application, it is important to understand all of the basic requirements that must be met prior to submission. There are several motivations behind applying for a federal trademark registration, and regardless of what your initial intent may be, investing in a trademark can be one of the […]

Canadian Trademark Renewal Requirements

As the owner of a trademark, you understand the significance of the legal protections that are afforded to your company and your brand through the registration. Widening the growth potential of your business often means looking beyond the borders of the United States and seeking international trademark registrations. For those looking to broaden their business […]

Caution: Trademark Renewal Scams

Our law firm received an email recently in which the subject line read “Real? Or not real?”; it was a message from a longtime client inquiring about a letter they had received in the mail. The notice claimed that the client’s trademark was up for renewal and requested substantial payment in order to file it. […]

Creating and Registering Trademarks for Quantum Computing Hardware and Software

Quantum computing has opened up possibilities for new research and analysis that could resolve previously unsolvable problems. The industry is full of innovators, like you, who want to make a difference while building a company that can compete in the marketplace. While the focus of any technology company will first be on the tech, it […]

LA Clippers File Trademarks for “WIN THE WAIT”

The LA Clippers filed two trademark applications for “WIN THE WAIT” on April 27. These applications come just a few weeks after a Twitter video of coach Doc Rivers was posted in which he told his team to find ways to ‘win the wait’ while games are canceled. One application is drafted in a way […]

How to Report Trademark Infringement

It happens–one day you are surfing the Internet, searching your company and your products, and you stumble across someone using a very similar name or logo that is very close to yours, trying to profit off of the goodwill of your brand. What is the first thing you should do? The first rule of dealing […]

Be a Good Corporate Citizen During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Brand reputations will be built and destroyed based on how companies handle coronavirus responses. Many large public companies have already made major gaffs that will likely come back to haunt them. For example: Disney furloughed many of its low wage employees, yet it continues to pay executives. This led a Disney heir to go on […]

Monro Inc. Tells Landlords It Won’t Pay Rent

Monro, Inc. has sent a letter to its Landlords indicating that it will not pay rent for a 6 month period beginning May 1, 2020. In the letter, sent to Landlords on April 17th, Monro states “We consider our Landlords our partners and over our 63 year history we have created and fostered hundreds of […]

Gilead Sciences Files Trademark for Its Coronavirus Drug Bottle

Gilead Sciences has filed a new trademark application for the design of a bottle to be used in connection with “pharmaceutical preparations for the treatment of coronavirus.” The application was submitted with the USPTO on March 26 and filed on a 1(b) basis. This means that the pharmaceutical giant has a bona fide intent to […]

Eli Lilly Files Trademarks for COV-BEAT, COV-BLOCK & COV-BARRIER

Eli Lilly and Company filed three new trademark applications on April 13 for “COV-BEAT,” “COV-BLOCK,” and “COV-BARRIER.” The applications were all filed on a 1(b) basis, meaning that Eli Lilly was required to sign a declaration stating that it has a bona fide intent to use the trademarks in association with the goods and services […]

UFC Files 22 Trademarks for “FIGHT ISLAND” and “UFC FIGHT ISLAND”

Zuffa, LLC, the entity that owns the UFC’s intellectual property, has filed 22 new trademark applications for “FIGHT ISLAND” and “UFC FIGHT ISLAND.” The company filed 11 applications for each version with identical goods and services. The trademark filings show that the UFC has intent-to-use the trademarks in association with several different items. Most notably, […]

A Comprehensive List of Coronavirus-Related Trademark Filings

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, 848 trademark applications related to the virus have been submitted to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The trademarks encompass keywords like coronavirus, COVID-19, flatten the curve, social distancing, 6 feet apart, pandemic, quarantine and more. While some of these filings will not reach registration due to being […]