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How the TaylorMade and Tiger Woods Partnership Might Have Teed Off

Based on corporate and trademark filings reviewed by Gerben IP, it appears as though Tiger Woods and TaylorMade have been secretly working on a new deal since early 2023. In 2023, Woods was still a Nike-endorsed athlete. The end of their 27-year partnership would not be officially confirmed until January 8, 2024. In this article, we’ll take a look at […]

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From Aunt Jemima to Pearl Milling Company: Navigating Roadblocks in Trademark Registration

Selecting and protecting a new brand name is a daunting task for a company of any size. Even for a company as large as Quaker Oats. In recent years, Quaker Oats announced that it would rebrand its “Aunt Jemima” pancake and syrup brand to “Pearl Milling Company.” Nearly 3 years later, the company would finally receive a trademark registration for […]

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XFL Files New Trademarks for “United Football League”

The XFL has filed 22 new trademark applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office to protect: UNITED FOOTBALL LEAGUE UFL The applications, which were filed on October 10, 2023, cover a wide variety of goods and services, indicating that “UNITED FOOTBALL LEAGUE” could be the name of the merged USFL and XFL leagues. All applications for the two […]

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Trademark Filing Suggests Collaboration Between Erin Andrews and Deion Sanders

Are Erin Andrews and Deion Sanders going into business together? A recent trademark filing indicates this is happening. On October 5, a joint filing was made by WEAR APPAREL, LLC (Erin Andrews’ company) and PRIME TIME ENTERPRISES, INC. (Deion Sanders’ company) for this logo: The trademark filing indicates that these two companies have plans to use this logo for a […]

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Trademark Gridlock: Why the USPTO is Processing Trademarks at a Historically Slow Rate

A Gerben IP Exclusive Report As the USPTO has fallen behind on its trademark processing timeline goals, it has simply moved the goalpost to make it appear that it is hitting goals again. The USPTO is processing new trademark applications at a historically slow rate. At no time in the history of the United States has it taken longer for […]

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Kanye West Files 26 Trademark Applications to Protect “YEWS”

A California company which is listed as the owner for Kanye West’s trademarks with the USPTO has filed 26 new trademark applications for “YEWS.” The filings, made on October 2, cover a significant range of goods and services.  Per statements made in the filings, Kanye’s company has a “bona fide intent” to use the trademarks in connection with these goods and services. […]

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X Corp. Sued for Trademark Infringement

A trademark infringement lawsuit has been filed against X Corp. (formerly known as Twitter) by X SOCIAL MEDIA LLC. The lawsuit was filed on Monday, October 2, 2023 by Gerben Perrott on behalf of X SOCIAL MEDIA LLC. View the Lawsuit Contact Gerben Perrott

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Twitter’s “X” Rebrand: What About the Trademarks?

The Twitter rebrand to “X” is the trademark story of the year. Here’s a few reasons why: The Twitter trademark is known (and protected) around the world.Elon Musk’s recent decision to rebrand Twitter as “X,” abandoning a globally recognized and protected trademark in favor of a new one is unprecedented. Registering trademarks in the United States and overseas can take […]

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USPTO Proposes Increase to Trademark Fees

The United States Patent and Trademark Office recently released a new plan outlining its proposed changes to trademark filing fees.  The proposed plan includes an increase to many of the most common fees associated with trademarks. If approved, the plan can be expected to raise fees by November 2024.  What fees are being raised? While fees are being raised across […]

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Tom Brady Files Court Action to Block A Similar Trademark

Tom Brady has filed a Notice of Opposition to block the registration of a “B2” logo that he believes is too similar to his registered “TB12” trademark. The legal proceeding instituted by Brady blocks the application for the “B2” logo. If the owner of the logo decides to defend the action, the case could take two or more years to […]

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Odell Beckham Jr. Sues Nike for Breach of Contract

On November 14, 2022, Odell Beckham, Jr. (OBJ) filed a lawsuit against Nike for Breach of Contract, among other things. A more in-depth breakdown of this lawsuit is in the works but we wanted to give you a chance to read the Complaint yourself. Read the complaint

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USPTO Announces New 3-Month Deadline to Respond to Trademark Office Actions

The USPTO has recently announced that starting on December 3, 2022, trademark applicants will now only have 3-months to respond to an Office action. This is now half the time of the current 6-month period. This now creates an urgency among trademark applicants to respond quicker to Office actions, as they only have a few months to respond (as opposed to […]

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