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TTAB Likelihood of Confusion Case: KORD Confusing Similar to KORDZ

In re MS Electronics LLC, Serial No. 85755706 (December 5, 2014) [not precedential]. On December 5, 2014, the TTAB affirmed an examiner’s refusal of the mark KORD for “audio equipment, namely, speakers, woofers, sub-woofers, tweeters, mid-range driver in the nature of electrical transducers for speakers, amplifiers, wireless transmitters, wireless receivers, digital to analog converters, and cross-overs in the nature of electrical […]

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TTAB Generic Trademark Refusal: PC LAPTOPS is Generic for Computers and Computer Retail Stores

Generic words for goods and services can never gain trademark protection. Think THE BANK for a bank, FARMER’S MARKET for, say, a farmer’s market, or PC LAPTOPS for computers. The TTAB’s affirmed an examiner’s refusal, holding that the phrase PC LAPTOPS is generic for computer products and services. PC Laptops LLC filed two different applications to register PC LAPTOPS for “computers, […]

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Supreme Court Hears Oral Argument on Case With Significant Implications for TTAB Litigation

On Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments from the parties in B&B Hardware vs. Hargis on whether the Trademark Trial & Appeal Board’s findings on the issue of likelihood of confusion should preclude the parties from re-litigating the issue in federal court. This ruling could have major implications on the weight and attention given to trademark opposition […]

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TTAB Descriptive Trademark Refusal: CURBSIDE DELIVERY Descriptive for Grocery Delivery Services

In re Phoenix Intangibles Holding Company, Serial No. 85849629 (November 7, 2014) [not precedential] The Trademark Trial & Appeal Board delivered their opinion affirming an Examining Attorney’s refusal of applicant’s mark CURBSIDE EXPRESS for “retail and on-line grocery store services featuring home delivery” on the grounds that the mark was “merely descriptive.” Under Section 2(e)(1) of the Lanham Act, a mark […]

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Facebook Files Trademark for Its Own Brand of Drone

Social media giant Facebook recently filed a trademark for a brand of UAVs – unmanned aerial vehicles. These are typically referred to as “drones,” although their design, usage, and function can vary widely. Although Facebook has expressed interest in using UAVs or drones in the past, for various purposes, this filing is notable because it means that Facebook is exploring the […]

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Will Google Be Able to Trademark the Word Glass?

Google’s rollout of one of the first mainstream wearable technology devices – Google Glass – made a big splash in the technology sector. Generally, in the media and everyday conversation alike, it was referred to by that full name: Google Glass. Google, however, has made a contention, by filing an a trademark application through the United States Patent and Trademark Office, […]

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Apple’s Secret Trademark Filing in Trinidad and Tobago

If you were among the millions of fans staying up-to-date on Apple’s September 9th new product announcement event, you probably had a few expectations. It was no secret that a new phone was on the way, and Apple’s entry into the wearable tech market was heavily rumored to be unveiled. And sure enough, it was – under the name “Apple Watch.” […]

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Could the ALS Association have registered a trademark for the “Ice Bucket Challenge?”

If you’ve been on social media, watched a morning talk show, or basically set foot out of your house recently, it’s more than likely that you’ve heard about the “Ice Bucket Challenge” – and possibly participated in one yourself. The ALS Association, which has been a beneficiary of the Ice Bucket Challenge to the tune of nearly $100 million, recently submitted, […]

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USPTO Survey Reveals A Large Number of Illegitimate Trademark Registrations

Trademark applicants who are under the impression that it’s OK to file a trademark for a broad range of goods or services, even if you’re not actually doing business with all of those offerings: beware. The United States Patent & Trademark Office recently completed a survey of 500 randomly selected registered trademarks in order to verify their claims of use of […]

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California Chrome Trademark: A Racing Horse Files For a Trademark

Shortly after California Chrome won the Preakness Stakes, the second leg of horse racing’s coveted and elusive Triple Crown, news emerged that the horse’s owners had filed to register the name as a trademark with the United States Patent & Trademark Office. In fact, they had made the filing on May 15th – before California Chrome had even won the second […]

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