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Gerben Law Firm's Trademark Blog

This trademark blog and informational section of the website is meant to provide you with answers to commonly asked questions about trademark searching, filing, and registration.

How to Protect a Business Name

Your business’s name will be at the forefront of everything that you do, so it is crucial that every necessary precaution is taken to protect such an important aspect of your brand. As you grow and expand, make sure to take all the steps needed to protect your business name and all it represents. Perform […]

What is a Comprehensive Trademark Search?

Before you even begin drafting a trademark application, there’s a crucial step that needs to first take place: a trademark search. While some applicants may believe their path to a registration is clear simply because a quick search of the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s database did not show any trademarks that conflict with […]

Relocating Your Business to Philadelphia? Things to Consider

If you are a future Philly-business owner, you have almost certainly put time and effort into understanding your company’s new marketplace and the changes you may face in your industry environment upon relocation. When making a big move, it is even more important than ever to make sure that your branding, the key elements that […]

What is a Dead Trademark?

Question: What is a dead trademark? Answer: In the USPTO’s trademark database, records listed as “DEAD” no longer have any federal trademark registration rights. Here are the three most common reasons that trademark filings become dead: 1. The initial trademark application never matured to registration. When a trademark application does not mature to registration, whether […]

What Can a Trademark Attorney do for Your Business?

If you are a business owner looking to protect your brand, consider working with an experienced trademark attorney.  Your attorney will conduct a comprehensive trademark search and also file your application with the USPTO and respond to Office Actions on your behalf.  Once your trademark is registered, your attorney can monitor its use and work […]

How to Conduct a Proper Trademark Search

Before registering your trademark with the USPTO, it’s important to conduct a trademark search to ensure no one else is currently using your mark. While there are many “free” online search services, these are more often than not insufficient to identity all possible issues with your trademark. At Gerben Law Firm, one of our biggest […]

When to Start the Trademark Registration Process

When should you start the trademark registration process for your company, brand, or service name? The answer is, as soon as humanly possible. The number one mistake that I have seen clients make over the 11 years that I’ve run my practice is falling in love with a name and having no ability to change […]

The Danger of Free Trademark Search Software

We often get phone calls from prospective clients that tell us they’ve already done a trademark search online and are just looking for help with their application. As someone who has done thousands of trademark searches, has experimented with various online search softwares, and has paid artificial intelligence software companies to test their programs, the […]

Why Our Trademark Searches Are Unique

  One thing that makes our firm extremely special is the type of trademark search that we offer to our clients.  The trademark search we conduct is called a federal, state, and common law search. This looks through three different areas that could be a problem for the trademark you’re considering using. A full federal […]

How to Conduct a Trademark Search

Want to learn more about trademark searches? Here are the fundamentals of how a trademark search is performed.

Should I Conduct A Trademark Search Before Using My Trademark?

Although a trademark search is one of the earliest and most basic considerations in using and registering a trademark, it’s also one of the most often overlooked. The excitement of developing a new product or service and coming up with a name, logo and/or tagline, combined with the extra time and legwork required in conducting […]

Trademark search for an APP or name of a software program

(The following is a summary of the video above).Hey everyone, this is Steve, Chief Paralegal here at Gerben Law Firm.  Today I am going to look at one important element to consider when running a trademark search for the name of an AP[...]

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