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Amazon Seller Waiting for Your Trademark to Register? 5 Things Amazon Sellers Should Do to Strengthen Their Brand While Waiting for Registration

It’s no secret that trademark registration takes time – the average application will take at least nine months to register with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. This wait is especially long when you are an Amazon seller hoping to take advantage of the new Amazon Brand Registry program that requires a U.S. trademark registration. However, while you wait, […]

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Trademark Requirements for Amazon’s Brand Registry

As of November 2020, Amazon has loosened its requirements for getting onto the Amazon Brand Registry.  Instead of requiring sellers to have a federal trademark registration, Amazon only requires a federal trademark application to have been filed on a brand name in order to qualify for the Amazon Brand Registry (for some sellers.) Because of its popularity, trademark infringers, product […]

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Private-Labeled Goods on Protecting Your Trademarks and Defending Against Listing Hijacking

By: Eric Perrott, Esq. Amazon can be a cut-throat marketplace where winners and losers are decided by razor-thin margins. Amazon retailers battle each other selling well-known brands’, trying to find a lead on a supplier that can offer them better prices in order to undercut a competitor selling those same branded products. Often sellers wish they could just have a listing […]

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Amazon Hijacking Enforcement Strategies: Sending a Enforcement/Cease-and Desist Letter to Infringing Sellers

AMAZON LISTING HIJACKING. This term has become known to any Amazon seller who has seen an infringer take over one of its branded listings with counterfeit or otherwise non-branded items.   Often the infringer is undercutting the genuine seller’s prices and selling subpar versions of the product. This is a widespread and frustrating problem on the Amazon marketplace for many sellers, […]

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How to Protect Your Amazon Store Against Infringers and Product HiJackers

As the holiday season approaches, sellers on are preparing for the huge wave of online sales that will likely make up a significant percentage of total sales for the entire year. Tis’ the season, however, for unscrupulous infringers to steal a successful seller’s trademarks and copyrighted works in order to cash in on that seller’s success.  It is always […]

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Amazon Product Listing Hijacked? 4 Ways to Go On the Offensive

Amazon is one of the biggest online marketplaces in the United States. The profit margins on products can often be razor thin as multiple sellers continuously attempt to undercut each other’s prices in order to attract customers. As a result, many Amazon sellers offer their own branded items to differentiate themselves from the competition. Selling “branded” items gives sellers their own […]

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How to Respond to a Claim of Trademark Infringement on Amazon Marketplace

Operating as a seller in Amazon Marketplace, you may one day find yourself in receipt of a notice or claim of trademark infringement. This claim might come from several places – it could be from Amazon itself, from another seller, or from a manufacturer or other merchant – one that may not even operate on Amazon’s Marketplace. And you may be […]

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