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Why Brands Need to Protect Metaverse Trademarks in China

China is quickly becoming the epicenter for the future of trademark rights in the metaverse. Both Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley have projected that the metaverse in China could become a market worth more than $8 trillion. In addition, China’s economy is powered by young consumers who embrace the notion of a new virtual world. Don’t wait to protect your metaverse […]

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How to Register a Korean Trademark in the United States

Korean companies in various industries have become an essential part of the fabric of the United States marketplace. Samsung, along with LG, are both well-known Korean consumer electronic brands. The expansion of Korean electronic brands in the United States marketplace dates back to the 1980s. Some of the biggest brands in the United States are owned by Korean companies, including Bobcat […]

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What is the Cost of an Australian Trademark?

Your brand is a treasured asset, and the only way to ensure it is fully protected is by registering a trademark. Australian trademarks, like their U.S. counterparts, must be registered with the government to acquire protection for your assets. The cost of registering your trademark depends on the number of classes you wish to file. Assuming there are no objections or […]

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How to Conduct a UK Trademark Search

If you plan to do business in England, Wales, Scotland, or Northern Ireland, it’s important to protect your brand through trademark registration. Prior to BREXIT, business owners were able to obtain trademark protections in the United Kingdom through registration with the European Union. Now, business owners seeking protection in the UK will need to file directly with the UK Intellectual Property […]

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How to Trademark a Name in Canada

Many business owners looking to move into the North American marketplace start with the United States; however, once established in the US, it may be a worthwhile endeavor to set your sights on the neighbor to the north. Canada’s vastness in both size and economy make it a logical next step when building your worldwide intellectual property portfolio. In order to […]

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3 Steps to Trademark a Logo in the U.K.

Your logo is one of the key elements of your branding. Through its stylization and design, it embodies your business and helps your products and services standout to your customer base. Something this valuable to your company necessitates protection, and one of the best ways to safeguard your logo is obtaining a trademark registration for it. For those doing business across […]

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How to Protect Trademarks in China

China, home to one of the largest economies in the world, is often a business’s first target when looking to file international trademarks. However, the rigors of successfully filing and maintaining a trademark registration in such a competitive market are many. In order to protect your trademark in China, it is imperative that you understand the complexities of the Chinese trademark […]

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How Much Does It Cost to Register an International Trademark?

For any growing company, pursuing business ventures outside of their home country is a natural progression of their expansion. Once your business has begun to consider commerce across borders—or, perhaps, has already started investing in international pursuits—it is time to consider what protections are in place for the business name and branding elements that are working so diligently for you […]

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The Cost to Register a U.S. Trademark as an Australian Business

Deciding to pursue an international trademark is a critical investment for any expanding business. As a company based in Australia, you may be feeling the confines of working solely within the mainland, or perhaps you are doing business across borders without the security that a trademark registration provides. If you are looking to expand your company into the United States, a […]

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What is the cost to register a trademark in the European Union?

Seeking out international trademarks is a crucial task for companies looking to conduct business across the United States’s borders. Just like a federal American registration, international trademarks can be used to protect your brand’s reputation, your company’s products, and deter infringement by outside parties. When looking to expand beyond the US market, the European Union is a logical next step when […]

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Advantages of a U.S. Trademark Registration for Australian Businesses

If you are an Australian business owner currently considering applying for American trademark registration, you likely already have an idea of the myriad of benefits that a US trademark can provide you. Not only will the value of your trademark grow in correlation to your newly expanded business within the United States, but the registration will offer you irreplaceable protection against […]

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Canadian Trademark Renewal Requirements

As the owner of a trademark, you understand the significance of the legal protections that are afforded to your company and your brand through the registration. Widening the growth potential of your business often means looking beyond the borders of the United States and seeking international trademark registrations. For those looking to broaden their business in North America, the next logical […]

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