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4 Steps to Trademark the Name of Your Construction Company

There are four critical steps to trademark the name of your construction company.  First, take the time to choose a strong mark from the start.  Next, be sure similar trademarks don’t exist by conducting a comprehensive trademark search.  Then, file your trademark with the USPTO.  Once your trademark is registered, actively police its use and meet renewal deadlines.  Taking these […]

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How To Protect the Brand Name of Your Engineering Firm

HAVE QUESTIONS? Our attorneys can work with engineering firms to protect their names. We offer free consultations on trademark and copyright issues. Contact Us! Engineering innovations surround our day-to-day lives and providing those innovations to others can be one of the most fulfilling (and challenging) careers. While many engineers work for top corporations like Boeing, many decide to stake their […]

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3 Reasons to Trademark the Name of Your Construction Management Company

As cities across the U.S. either experience a continued boom or a period of strong, aggressive rebuilding, construction management has moved to the forefront as an industry. Experts in the field are taking hands-on experience to developers, contractors, and other builders to maximize efficiency, quality, and opportunity in the structures they are building. Owners of construction management companies are as savvy […]

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