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NFTs and Trademarks: Gerben’s Complete Guide

How intellectual property is relevant to NFTs NFTs have exploded in recent years and many questions are emerging around how trademarks can be used as a strategy to protect NFT brands. We’ve completed this guide to help NFT users navigate through the trademark waters. What is a trademark? Federally registered trademark protection is always important when it comes to protecting […]

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Trademarks and the Metaverse: Gerben’s Complete Guide

The metaverse provides a unique opportunity to offer virtual goods and services in a realistic 3D digital environment. It literally creates a new world for growing your brand and your business – not just for existing products, but for innovative new goods and services tailored specifically to a 3D environment. As businesses commit to providing goods and services in the […]

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Trademark Registration is Required for GMAIL Authenticated Brand Logos

Whether a business is promoting a new item, offering a discount on products, or even sending an invoice, email is still a primary way to reach customers. But with spoofing and phishing more prevalent than ever, some customers may be leery to interact through email. Fortunately, email hosts like Gmail are finding ways to reduce fraudulent emails through brand authentication. Before […]


Creating and Registering Trademarks for Quantum Computing Hardware and Software

Quantum computing has opened up possibilities for new research and analysis that could resolve previously unsolvable problems. The industry is full of innovators, like you, who want to make a difference while building a company that can compete in the marketplace. While the focus of any technology company will first be on the tech, it is the successful, sustainable businesses that […]

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Protecting Your IT Company’s Brand

In a world that has come to rely heavily upon teleworking, virtual meetings, and efficiency for remote and distanced productivity, the importance of remote work tools like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Google Hangouts is constantly evolving. There is now an unprecedented number of businesses adapting to employees working from home in varying capacities; the new challenges and necessary adjustments brought […]


Why Trademarks Matter in a Voice World

Why will trademarks matter in a voice world? Over the years, we were introduced to various different tech products that heavily influenced all aspects of our society, including the creation of the internet and the iPhone. But, now the question is what will come next? A lot of experts in the field are predicting that voice is going to be […]

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Apple Airpods’ Trademark Application Denied by USPTO

 Clients are often surprised by the various types of things that can be protected under trademark law. From color combinations to product names, there are many different things that can be protected with a trademark. Here is an interesting filing that shows the depth and limits of trademark protection, specifically when it comes to the shape of products. One April […]

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How to Protect Your Trademark in the Internet of Things Industry

With the rise of the Internet of Things industry, which includes physical objects that connect to the internet and interact with other things, it is becoming more and more important for companies to understand the proper use and application of trademarks. There are two main things to consider when you’re developing and launching your own product in this industry. 1. […]

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Meeting the “Use in Commerce” Requirement for a Cloud-Based Software Trademark

When filing a trademark application for a cloud-based application, you are required to make dozens of legal decisions in order to successfully protect and register your trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (the USPTO.) One of the most difficult decisions is analyzing whether you have “commercial use” of your trademark that meets the USPTO (and the federal […]

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How to Meet the “Commercial Use” Requirement For an App Trademark

Did you know? Cloud software and “software-as-a-service” are in a different category (called a “class”) then downloadable software? Contact one of our trademark attorneys, if you need help. Contact Our Attorneys Having a strong, protectable trademark for your app is essential for a successful launch in today’s cutthroat mobile industry. There are millions of apps in the Apple App Store, […]

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Top 4 Trademark Tips for App Developers

Mobile apps are a multi-billion-dollar industry. Per one study, mobile apps grossed over 40 BILLION dollars in 2016 and that number is likely to grow. However, the competition within the industry is fierce and app developers need any advantage they can get to get ahead of competition. If you are an app developer, then there are a few essential things you […]

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Companies Developing Virtual Reality Technology Should Also Develop Their Brands

Virtual reality technology is changing the face of media as we know it. As companies fight tooth-and-nail to protect the underlying technology through patents (for example, encoders and hardware) and copyrights (for the software), companies should not forget to develop a sound brand strategy that involves trademark clearance and protection. The adoption of new technology is, in many ways, about branding. […]

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