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The Trademark University® was created by trademark attorney Josh Gerben to provide a wide range of detailed videos and information specific to all things trademark.

Information is provided to help the general public and current clientele understand the in’s and out’s of the trademark registration process. Please note that all information provided on this Web site is for informational purposes only and is not legal advice. You should seek the counsel of a trademark attorney to assist you with any legal questions that are specific to your matter.

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Trademark Basics 101: Starting Your Trademark Education

Lesson 1

What Is A Trademark

What Is A Trademark? Josh Gerben, a trademark attorney, explains in detail what a trademark is and what a trademark is not. Read and Watch his Video!

Lesson 2

Trademark Symbols ®, ™, ℠ – Which One Can You Use?

There are three trademark symbols you can use to help protect your brand. Check out this video to find out which trademark symbol is appropriate for you to use.

Lesson 3

Trademark Protection – How a Federal Trademark Registration Protects Your Brand

It's important to understand the government's perspective on trademark law and how that affects your trademark application.

Trademark Registration 102: About the Registration Process

Lesson 2

An Overview of the Trademark Registration Process

Learn more about how the U.S. trademark registration process works by Josh Gerben. A look inside the process of registering a federal trademark in the United States. Video included.

Lesson 1

Should I Register a Trademark? Practical and Legal Reasons to Register a Trademark

Should I register a trademark? There are many reasons to register your trademark. Check out this video to find out why it's smart to do so.

Lesson 3

U.S. Trademark Registration For Foreign Companies and Individuals

If you are a company outside of the United States but sell goods and services to U.S. Citizens, you may want to consider registering for a U.S. trademark.

Trademark Attorneys 103: How attorneys can help

Lesson 1

Should I Hire a Trademark Attorney?

Increase your chances of submitting a successful trademark application by hiring a trademark attorney that knows the ins and outs of the application & registration process.

Lesson 2

Why Hire A Trademark Attorney for A Trademark Search

Thinking about doing your own trademark search? Consider hiring a trademark attorney. Josh Gerben explains why a trademark search should be done by a trademark attorney / lawyer.

Lesson 3

How Much It Costs to Register a Trademark

Trademark attorney Josh Gerben explains the fees and overall costs of trademark registration. Watch his video on the different fees associated with the process of registration.

Lesson 4

How Our Trademark Services Work

Want to know how Gerben Law Firm's trademark service works? Trademark attorney Josh Gerben highlights the process in this video!

Trademark Applications 104: The Details of The Application Process

Lesson 1

Trademark Application Process

Learn more about the trademark application process, how it works and what happens once your trademark is filed.

Lesson 2

Trademark Filing: Can I file my name and logo in the same application?

Trademark attorney Josh Gerben gives the reasons why you may want to file your word mark and logo separately rather than together.

Lesson 3

Trademark Filing Classes

Your trademark may fall into several filing classes. Use a trademark attorney to help determine the appropriate class to file your trademark application under.

Lesson 4

What is an Office Action?

After you file a trademark application, you may receive an Office action from the USPTO. Find out what this means, and how to respond to this notice.

Lesson 5

After Your Trademark is Registered

Your trademark is registered, what now? Trademark lawyer Josh Gerben lays out your responsibilities after registration.

Trademark Application Issues 105: Common Issues that Arise

Lesson 1

Principal vs. Supplemental Register

Learn the difference between the USPTO supplemental and principal registers. See why you want to be on the principal register, and the requirements to do so.

Lesson 2

Use in Commerce

Josh Gerben, a trademark attorney, goes over what the term "use in commerce" means as it relates to your trademark application. Find out why the term is important to your application.