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WTR Quotes Eric Perrott Regarding USPTO’s Proposed Fee Changes

In May 2023, the USPTO published proposed changes to their trademark fees for 2025, as part of their plan to reduce pendency. However, many trademark practitioners have spoken out against the proposed changes, worrying that they may have an adverse effect on small businesses and legitimate trademark filers. WTR spoke with Eric Perrott about the proposed trademark fee increases.  Most notably, […]

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WTR Speaks with Eric Perrott Regarding the USPTO’s New Trademark Search System

After launching a brand new trademark search system in November 2023, the USPTO has announced it will be developing further updates to the system’s interface. This comes after several months of feedback from users regarding the new system’s lack of intuitiveness. WTR spoke with Eric Perrott regarding the use of third party alternatives to the system. “I will always use primary […]

Sports Illustrated and Josh Gerben Discuss a New Trademark Filing Made by Deion Sanders

Colorado Buffalos coach, Deion Sanders, recently filed a trademark application for “Confidence,” indicating Sanders’ plans to launch a men’s care line including deodorant, shaving cream, and more. Sports Illustrated and Josh Gerben discussed the probability of Sanders launching a men’s care line.  Coach Prime, through his company Prime Time Enterprises, Inc., filed to protect the name “Confidence” as a trademark. The […]


CNBC Quotes Josh Gerben Regarding Tiger Woods and TaylorMade’s New Partnership

Tiger Woods and TaylorMade have officially confirmed their partnership on a new lifestyle brand, Sun Day Red. The new brand is a reference to Woods’ history of wearing red on Sundays and is in addition to the ongoing equipment deal between the pair. CNBC spoke with Josh Gerben about TaylorMade’s unique trademark filings for the new brand.  Speculation around a Woods-TaylorMade […]

Inc. Discusses the NFL’s Trademark Rights for “Super Bowl” with Josh Gerben

The Super Bowl is one of the most watched television events annually, with companies spending millions of dollars on advertisements during the game. So, why are so many companies afraid to actually use the term “Super Bowl” in their ads? Inc. spoke with Josh Gerben about the NFL’s trademark rights to the term “Super Bowl.” The NFL registered the SUPER BOWL […]

Gerben IP Recognized as Top Trademark Firm for 2024

Every year, World Trademark Review releases its WTR 1000 guide, highlighting the top individuals and firms practicing trademark law. This go-to guide is based on qualitative research such as depth of experience and market presence, as well as collecting feedback from peers and clients. In the 2024 WTR guide, Gerben IP was recognized in the DC Metro area as a top […]

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MarketWatch Speaks With Josh Gerben About the End of Nike and Tiger Woods’ Partnership

After 27 years, Nike and Tiger Woods have announced the end of their long-time partnership. The question remains: will Tiger Woods maintain ownership of his iconic TW logo? MarketWatch spoke with Josh Gerben about ownership rights of the trademark.  Ownership of the TW trademark has not changed since it was first filed, signaling that Woods has been the sole owner for […]

CNN and Josh Gerben Discuss the Trademark Dispute between “Yellowstone” Creator and Star

Tyler Sheridan, creator of “Yellowstone” and owner of Bosque Ranch Craft Coffee, is suing Free Rein Coffee, owned by actor Cole Hauser. The lawsuit claims that the Free Rein logo is infringing on Bosque Ranch’s logo as they both consist of overlapping letters. CNN discussed the merits of the case with trademark attorney Josh Gerben.  Attorney Josh Gerben told CNN that trademark […]

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CBS News Quotes Josh Gerben Regarding the Philadelphia Eagles’ “Kelly Green” Trademark

The Philadelphia Eagles recently filed a trademark application for the phrase “Kelly Green,” following the summer debut of their throwback Kelly Green uniforms. CBS News discussed the Eagles’ new trademark filing and what it may mean with trademark attorney, Josh Gerben.  “It doesn’t allow the Eagles to tell people you can’t use Kelly Green to describe a color of another article […]

CNN Speaks with Josh Gerben About the Newly Freed “Taco Tuesday” Trademark

Earlier this year, Taco Bell sought to Cancel the trademark registrations for “Taco Tuesday,” stating that everyone should be able to use the phrase. Taco John’s, which owned the mark in 49 states, gave up its rights soon after. The holdout, Gregory’s Restaurant and Bar, which held the rights to the phrase in New Jersey, has decided to also forfeit its […]

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Law360 and Eric Perrott Discuss the Recent Federal Circuit Ruling on ‘Overlooked’ Trademark Declarations

The Federal Circuit recently published an opinion that the USPTO did not have the right to strip a trademark or its registration, due to a false claim of incontestability. This was the first time the Circuit had to decide if a fraudulent incontestability declaration warranted the cancellation of a trademark. Law360 discussed the Federal Circuit’s opinion on the fraudulent declaration with […]

The Wall Street Journal Quotes Josh Gerben Regarding Twitter’s Rebrand to X

Elon Musk recently rebranded Twitter to “X” and announced that he wants the social media company to be an everything app, allowing its users to do everything from communicate, shop, watch entertainment and bank from one platform. The Wall Street Journal and Josh Gerben discussed what the rebrand potentially means for the social media company’s trademark strategy. Protecting X as a […]

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