WTR Speaks with Eric Perrott Regarding the USPTO’s New Trademark Search System

After launching a brand new trademark search system in November 2023, the USPTO has announced it will be developing further updates to the system’s interface. This comes after several months of feedback from users regarding the new system’s lack of intuitiveness.

WTR spoke with Eric Perrott regarding the use of third party alternatives to the system.

“I will always use primary source documents when confirming important dates, but if I can, I now work outside of the USPTO’s system with a paid vendor,” says Eric Perrott, partner at Gerben IP.

“The new trademark search tool needs massive improvements, and I am shocked that it has completely replaced the former TESS programme in its current state,” Perrott argues. “After years of delays and issues with its IT development, including working with government contractors to do focus groups and development, the USPTO needs to have a better sense of user experience,” he insists.

Source: Newstead, Louise. https://www.worldtrademarkreview.com. “USPTO to ‘iteratively develop’ new trademark search system following complaints from users”. 26 March 2024.

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