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Washington Post Quotes Josh Gerben About Posting Your Kids’ Pictures Online

One of the greatest Olympians, Michael Phelps, created an Instagram account for his then-3 month old son as an online photobook.  The Washington Post discussed what happens when someone takes and uses your photos without permission. Josh Gerben was quoted by the Washington Post, stating: Sometimes that can be a simple process, said trademark attorney Josh Gerben. Under the Digital Millennium […]

BloombergBNA Quotes Eric Perrott about Olympics and Social Media

The International Olympic Committee and U.S. Olympic Committee have in place strict regulations regarding companies and athletes using social media. Almost all words and images relating to the Olympics and participating athletes are off limits to non-sponsoring companies. Even companies that sponsor an athlete, but not the Olympics, are unable to share celebratory messages using the athlete’s name. Eric Perrott was […]

Eric Perrott Discusses Trademark Law for Marketing Professionals on the Spiral Marketing Podcast

Trademark Attorney Eric Perrott sits down with the Spiral Marketing Podcast to discuss why trademark law is important to marketing professionals. In this podcast, Eric discusses things marketing professionals should consider with their trademarks. One of the most important points that Eric shares is to avoid falling in love with your trademark before you know that you can protect it. He […]

BloombergBNA Quotes Eric Perrott on Social Media E-Commerce

BloombergBNA reported that many social media sites are deciding to use their messenger applications for e-commerce transactions.  This causes concerns for business owners as it presents new challenges when it comes to policing counterfeit goods. Eric Perrott was quoted by Bloomberg BNA about the potential risks of counterfeit sales in social media e-commerce platforms: allowing social media users to buy and […]

Josh Gerben Talks Trademarks on Business Insanity Talk Radio

Trademark attorney Josh Gerben from Gerben IP chats with Barry Moltz from Business Insanity Talk Radio about trademarks. In the interview Josh reveals some of the most common mistakes that small business owners can make, such as falling in love with a trademark before having it vetted by a trademark attorney. Josh also discusses some of the ways he has successfully […]

Josh Gerben Quoted in World Trademark Review on USPTO Pilot Program

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has initiated a new program in which, under limited circumstances, a registrant may amend their trademark registrations if they are no longer able to show proof of use because of the evolution of technology. A registrant’s application will have to endure another search by the USPTO and a 30-day period where interested parties may […]

Josh Gerben quoted by Wall Street Journal about Donald Trump’s Trademark Filing Strategy

You name it, Donald Trump has tried to stamp his name on it. From restaurants to colognes, Trump has filed for over three hundred trademarks. Josh Gerben was quoted by the Wall Street Journal regarding Trump’s high-quantity filing strategy: “It is clear from Mr. Trump’s 300-plus trademark filings that he is an avid believer of trying.” “The legal strategy is solid.  […]

Eric Perrott Interviewed by WJLA ABC 7 on Redskins’ Loss of Trademarks

A longstanding battle between Native American activists and the Washington Redskins has resulted in a judge ordering the cancellation of the Redskins’ federal trademark registrations. Eric Perrott explained to WJLA ABC7  that this is more of a symbolic victory for the Native American activists for now, as there is still a lengthy legal fight that “could go on for years.”   […]

Josh Gerben Quoted by The Washington Post About Redskins Knockoffs

Martin McCaulay has submitted multiple trademark applications for names he thinks the Washington Redskins might use in the future in the hopes that they will come to him with a large payout in exchange for his trademark rights. Josh Gerben was quoted by the Washington Post regarding the strategy of trademark squatting: “You can’t just decide, ‘Oh, I think this […]

Josh Gerben Invited by Fox News as Subject Matter Expert regarding Trademark Dispute

A news segment on the Fox News network show “America’s News HQ” discusses the legal battle between a decades-old New Orleans-based snow cone shop and Monster Energy.  Josh Gerben was interviewed for this segment, and in it he explains the nature of the legal claim that Monster Energy brought against the shop, and whether the shop has a chance of prevailing […]

Josh Gerben Quoted by NPR about the Redskins Legal Battle with Native Americans

The US Department of Justice has now involved itself in the legal battle over the use of ‘Redskins’ that is going on between the Washington football team and Native Americans (and activists). Josh Gerben was quoted by NPR discussing the ramifications of the Justice Department’s involvement, and how this battle could affect trademark law: “It’s like scoring a home run in […]

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