businessinsanitytalkradioTrademark attorney Josh Gerben from Gerben Law Firm chats with Barry Moltz from Business Insanity Talk Radio about trademarks.

In the interview Josh reveals some of the most common mistakes that small business owners can make, such as falling in love with a trademark before having it vetted by a trademark attorney. Josh also discusses some of the ways he has successfully defended and enforced his client’s trademarks.

Josh Gerben is a US Trademark attorney. He was ranked the number 3 trademark filer in the US by Trademark Insider in 2009 and has represented clients in over 4500 trademark filings.

41:00 – How does Josh’s background in marketing and business help him in the trademark space?

42:15 – What is the #1 mistake small business owners make in registering trademarks?

44:45 – What is the best way to defend and enforce a trademark?

Listen to the podcast: