Flat Fee Trademark
Registration Package

Federal trademark registration is a valuable investment in your business, as it can safeguard your brand in the marketplace, as well as help to establish brand recognition and consumer trust.

Gerben IP’s flat fee service allows individuals and businesses of any size to protect their brands while working with experienced trademark attorneys, who have registered over 7,500 trademarks with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

If you have any questions or concerns about your particular trademark please reach out to us for a complimentary consultation.

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What’s Included

A Comprehensive Trademark Clearance Search

Within five days of your order, we will complete a comprehensive federal, state and common law trademark search to ensure that no pre-existing trademark could cause the denial of your application.

An Opinion Letter on Search Findings

After completing the comprehensive trademark clearance search, a trademark attorney will draft and send you an opinion letter, explaining the results of the search.

Phone Consultation with an Attorney

Gerben IP will schedule a telephone consultation between you and a trademark attorney to review the results of your trademark search and answer any other questions you may have in relation to your trademark application.

Personalized Drafting of Your Trademark Application

One of Gerben IP’s experienced trademark attorneys will personally draft your trademark application and send it to you for a final review.

Filing Your Federal Trademark Application

Once you’ve had a chance to give your application a final review, we will file it with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. At this time, you will pay the filing fee of $350 per class of goods/services to the U.S. Government.

Tracking Your Application Through Registration

After your federal trademark application was submitted to the USPTO, Gerben IP will track it through the USPTO’s trademark registration process, leaving you to focus on the day-to-day needs of your business.

Responding to Non-Substantive Office Actions

Gerben IP will respond to any non-substantive Office Actions the USPTO may issue for your trademark application.

Sending Your Trademark Registration Certificate

Once your trademark has become federally registered, we will email you the trademark registration certificate from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

From Our Clients

Jon PayneJon Payne ★★★★★ Gerben IP is fantastic at what they do - intellectual property law. I have used them for about a dozen trademarks over the past 7 or 8 years now and each time they have been comprehensive in their research, swift in their deliverables and always acted with integrity and a focus on the best interest of me and my company. I cannot recommend them highly enough!Autumn BitterlichAutumn Bitterlich ★★★★★ I am thoroughly impressed by Josh Gerben and his colleagues. They helped me through the detailed process of filing and my Trademark, which would have been an extremely stressful process for me to do alone. I could depend on them to contact me in a timely manner to keep all of the filings up to date, and CORRECT. I can't say enough positive about them. The whole team was quick to respond to my questions and made me feel secure in my choosing them.B DB D ★★★★★ Easy to work with. Did everything online.Got a Trademark and would recommend to others.Ellisa BennettEllisa Bennett ★★★★★ Josh and the team have been very easy to work with! We got all the trademarks we wanted, for the agreed fixed price with no hastles or unexpected costs. Great value for money. The team is very professional and friendly to work with!TRAINING DAYTRAINING DAY ★★★★★ Hands down the most knowledgeable and reputable IP law firm.Martin BeardshallMartin Beardshall ★★★★★ An excellent service provided by Josh and his team.Would heartily recommend, especially to those that have little or no knowledge of the US trademark and IP laws.js_loader

Why Gerben IP is Different

Our trademark attorneys are trusted for their experience.

Since 2008, Gerben IP has been helping clients federally register their trademarks. In that time frame, we have completed over 10,000 trademark clearance searches and registered over 7,500 trademarks with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

We believe in transparency and predicability for our clients.

One of the reasons we offer a flat fee trademark registration package is we believe in providing big firm quality legal services – at an affordable (and easy-to-budget) cost. Gerben IP diligently works to get things right the first time, reducing the possibility of non-substantive Office Actions. This approach saves our clients time, by reducing any hinderances to their trademark application, and money by including these responses in our flat fee price.

An extraordinarily thorough trademark clearance search.

Our strong desire to do the absolute best job possible means that we use two professional search softwares and spend 2-3 hours on each search. For redundancy and accuracy, we have two highly trained search paralegals and one trademark attorney work on each clearance search.

Responding to non-substantive Office Actions on your behalf.

As a business owner you have hundreds of other responsibilities that you need to attend to on a daily basis. Gerben IP follows your trademark application through the registration process to ensure it moving as smoothly as possible through the system. If any non-substantive Office Actions arise, we respond to them on your behalf – and at no additional cost to you.

*The flat legal fee of $1,500 quoted on this page and throughout our Web site applies to a trademark search and application for a trademark that is being filed in up to two classes of goods and/or services, and, meets the Lanham Act’s “use in commerce” requirement. To ensure this fee applies to your trademark please contact us for a quote.

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