One of the greatest Olympians, Michael Phelps, created an Instagram account for his then-3 month old son as an online photobook.  The Washington Post discussed what happens when someone takes and uses your photos without permission.

Josh Gerben was quoted by the Washington Post, stating:

Sometimes that can be a simple process, said trademark attorney Josh Gerben. Under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, you can file a “takedown request” to a website that is violating your ownership rights to a photo.

“But if someone takes your baby’s picture and starts sharing it all over the Internet, just practically, getting it off every website is going to require a lot of work,” Gerben said. “These things can spread like wildfire.”


Article: Contrera, Jessica.  “Michael Phelps’s infant has his own Instagram account. Read this before you make one for your kid.”  August 14, 2016.