Eric Perrott Interviewed by WJLA ABC 7 on Redskins’ Loss of Trademarks

A longstanding battle between Native American activists and the Washington Redskins has resulted in a judge ordering the cancellation of the Redskins’ federal trademark registrations. Eric Perrott explained to WJLA ABC7  that this is more of a symbolic victory for the Native American activists for now, as there is still a lengthy legal fight that “could go on for years.”




Eric Perrott was interviewed by WJLA ABC 7 when the Redskins trademark was cancelled.

“Courts don’t make trademarks, businesses do,” said trademark attorney Eric Perrott.

“It is more of a symbolic victory than a legal victory right now,” Perrott said.

“This is the first time in a district court that the Redskins mark or any professional football team mark has been deemed to be disparaging towards a group of people,” Perrott adds.

However, the legal fight, like this debate, could go on for years, Perrott believes.

“I would not head to the print shop just yet. It’s going to be a lengthy appeals process”, Perrott said.


Source: Reeve, R.  “Washington Redskins ruling may come down to one simple question”.  July 8 2015.

Source: News Broadcast.  WJLA ABC 7.  Aired July 8, 2015

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