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The Wall Street Journal Quotes Josh Gerben Regarding “Taco Tuesday Trademark Case

Taco Bell recently filed a Petition to Cancel existing trademark registrations for the phrase “Taco Tuesday.” The fast food chain believe that everyone should be able to celebrate and eat tacos, but the trademark owners plan to fight for the registration. The Wall Street Journal discussed the case with trademark attorney Josh Gerben.  Protecting a term like Taco Tuesday may be […]

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Bloomberg Discusses the USPTO’s Proposed Fee Changes with Josh Gerben

In May 2023, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) announced its plans to raise trademark fees by November 2024. Bloomberg and Josh Gerben discuss the potential reasons for the proposed changes, as well as how they could affect trademark applicants.  “I am concerned that this will deter certain small business owners from being able to actually file the trademarks […]

CNN Speaks to Josh Gerben About Taco Bell’s Attempt to Invalidate the “TACO TUESDAY” Trademark Registration

Fast food company, Taco Bell has filed a Petition to Cancel the trademark registration for “TACO TUESDAY.” Taco Bell wants everyone to be able to use the phrase without worry of legal recourse from the trademark owner, a small restaurant chain called Taco John’s. CNN discussed Taco Bell’s Petition with trademark attorney Josh Gerben. U.S. trademark law “prevents the registration of […]

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World Trademark Review Quotes Eric Perrott on Proposed USPTO Trademark Fee Changes

In the beginning of May, the United States Patent and Trademark Office quietly released information regarding its plan to increase some trademark fees. World Trademark Review spoke to Eric Perrott about the proposed fee changes and what they might mean for trademark applicants and owners.  Some of the proposed fee changes are thought to be a way to speed up trademark […]

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Business Insider and Josh Gerben Discuss Adidas’ Decision to Drop Its Opposition to BLM’s Trademark

Just a few days after Adidas filed a Notice of Opposition against Black Lives Matter’s trademark application for a three-stripe logo, the sportswear company has indicated that it will withdraw the court action. Business Insider and Josh Gerben discuss the decision to retract the complaint and what it may mean for other organizations facing similar filings from Adidas. “It appears that […]

AdAge and Josh Gerben Discuss Adidas’ Opposition to a Black Lives Matter Trademark

Adidas has been very aggressive in the protecting of its three-stripe trademark. Most recently the sports apparel company has filed an Opposition with the USPTO to block the registration of a three-stripe logo for the Black Lives Matter organization. AdAge discussed this Opposition with trademark attorney Josh Gerben, who spotted the court action.  “Adidas would face an uphill battle in winning […]

The Philadelphia Inquirer Speaks to Josh Gerben About the Phillies “BEDLAM AT THE BANK” Trademark Filing

The Philadelphia Phillies have filed trademark applications with the USPTO in order to protect the phrase “BEDLAM AT THE BANK.” This phrase was uttered by Phillies radio announcer, Scott Franzke, to describe the scene at Citizens Bank Park after Bryce Harper hit the home run that sent the Phillies to the 2022 World Series. The Philadelphia Inquirer discussed the trademark filing […]

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Business Insider Quotes Josh Gerben on Nike’s Trademark Enforcement Strategy

Nike has initiated quite a few trademark infringement lawsuits in recent years, as well as filing trade dress trademark applications to protect its iconic sneaker designs. Business Insider spoke to trademark attorney Josh Gerben about the brand’s trademark enforcement strategy. It’s likely that the trade dress filings protecting Nike’s sneaker designs are related to the company’s efforts to eliminate the sale […]

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Entrepreneur Discusses the “Meta” Trademark Infringement Lawsuit with Josh Gerben

Following it’s rebrand and subsequent trademark filings, Facebook’s parent company, Meta Platforms adopted a unique strategy in an attempt to ensure it has priority for Meta-related trademarks. Trademark attorney Josh Gerben spoke to Entrepreneur about the unusual strategy and what it may mean for the businesses suing the social media giant. Meta has been playing a game of “three-dimensional chess” in […]

Gerben IP Recognized as a Top Trademark Firm for Prosecution and Strategy for 2023

Gerben IP has been recognized in the 2023 WTR 1000 as a top firm for trademark prosecution and strategy in Washington D.C., alongside a variety of  ‘big’ firms across the United States and the world. The 2023 WTR 1000 also recognized both Josh Gerben, Esq. and Eric Perrott, Esq as leading individuals for trademark prosecution and strategy. Every year, World Trademark […]

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Philadelphia Business Journal Speaks to Josh Gerben About Joel Embiid’s New Trademark Application

Philadelphia 76ers star Joel Embiid has re-filed a trademark application with the USPTO for the phrase “Trust the Process.” The initial trademark application from 2018 is about to be cancelled because the basketball player has not proven that he is using the trademark yet. The Philadelphia Business Journal discusses the significance of the refiling with Josh Gerben. The United States Patent […]

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Bloomberg and Josh Gerben Discuss How Adidas’ Recent Trademark Dispute Might Affect Future Enforcement Strategy

Adidas recently lost a trademark dispute with Thom Browne Inc over its iconic “three-stripes” logo. The high-profile loss has many questioning if the apparel brand will make changes to its vigorous trademark enforcement strategy. Bloomberg spoke with Josh Gerben about the lawsuit and what it may mean for Adidas’ future enforcement strategies. “I don’t see this dissuading them because what they […]

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