BloombergBNA Quotes Eric Perrott about Olympics and Social Media

The International Olympic Committee and U.S. Olympic Committee have in place strict regulations regarding companies and athletes using social media. Almost all words and images relating to the Olympics and participating athletes are off limits to non-sponsoring companies. Even companies that sponsor an athlete, but not the Olympics, are unable to share celebratory messages using the athlete’s name.

Eric Perrott was quoted by BloombergBNA, stating:

The punishments for a social media violation are harsh, but athletes give up some freedoms of expression when they enter a contract agreeing to the Olympic charter to compete at the games, said Eric Perrott, trademark attorney at Gerben Perrott, PLLC.

“Every athlete knew going into it and must accept it, because it’s the Olympics,” Perrott said.


Article: Ross, Michaela.  “Olympic Sponsors Must Follow Strict Social Media Rules”  August 5, 2016.

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