CNBC Quotes Josh Gerben Regarding Tiger Woods and TaylorMade’s New Partnership

Tiger Woods and TaylorMade have officially confirmed their partnership on a new lifestyle brand, Sun Day Red. The new brand is a reference to Woods’ history of wearing red on Sundays and is in addition to the ongoing equipment deal between the pair.

CNBC spoke with Josh Gerben about TaylorMade’s unique trademark filings for the new brand. 

Speculation around a Woods-TaylorMade partnership has swirled for months. TaylorMade created a new LLC called TaylorMade Lifestyle Ventures last March, according to Josh Gerben, a trademark attorney at Gerben Law. Then in June, the company began filing trademarks including SUNDAY RED, a logo for SUN DAY RED, a tiger logo and a tiger logo with the letters S, D, R.

Gerben told CNBC it’s likely that TaylorMade filed the LLC as a way to provide Woods with equity in the new company.

“I thought it was an incredibly unique structure,” he said. “In a sponsorship deal with an athlete, you very rarely see a new entity created just to own that.“

Source: Golden, Jessica. “Tiger Woods signs apparel and footwear deal with TaylorMade following his split with Nike”. 12 February 2024.

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