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Tom Brady Files Court Action to Block A Similar Trademark

Tom Brady has filed a Notice of Opposition to block the registration of a “B2” logo that he believes is too similar to his registered “TB12” trademark. The legal proceeding instituted by Brady blocks the application for the “B2” logo. If the owner of the logo decides to defend the action, the case could take two or more years to […]

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Odell Beckham Jr. Sues Nike for Breach of Contract

On November 14, 2022, Odell Beckham, Jr. (OBJ) filed a lawsuit against Nike for Breach of Contract, among other things. A more in-depth breakdown of this lawsuit is in the works but we wanted to give you a chance to read the Complaint yourself. Read the complaint

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Selecting Strong Trademarks: Breaking Down Lamar Jackson’s Recent Trademark Filings

Recent trademark filings made by Lamar Jackson (the star quarterback of the Baltimore Ravens) provide a great lesson in how to select unique trademarks. On May 13, 2022, Jackson filed two trademarks for a new restaurant that he plans to open. The first filing is for the name of his restaurant: “PLAY ACTION” The second filing is for the restaurant’s slogan: “YOU […]

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How the Washington Football Team is Likely Securing a Trademark for its New Team Name

One of the most talked about sports topic these days is surrounding the upcoming reveal of Washington Football Team’s new name in early February. While everyone speculates as to what the new name will be, what we can agree on is that it’s likely that the team has already filed a trademark application for its new name. The question is where […]

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Cleveland Baseball Trademarks “CLEVELAND GUARDIANS”

On July 23, 2021, the Cleveland Indians announced that the team is changing its name to the Cleveland Guardians. Not long after the announcement, speculation grew surrounding how a roller derby team called the Cleveland Guardians might have a potential trademark infringement claim As I told Yahoo!Sports, there is zero chance that Cleveland’s baseball team did not address this issue before […]

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Milwaukee Bucks File for “BUCKS IN 6” Before Winning Game 6 of 2021 NBA Finals

The Milwaukee Bucks Inc., 2021 NBA Champions, recently filed trademark applications for “BUCKS IN 6” and “BUCKS IN SIX.” Not surprising since they won their second NBA title in the team’s history in Game 6 on July 20, 2021. What is surprising about this filing is that it occurred a little over 24 hours before the game started – at 8:23 […]


NIL Laws: How College Athletes Should Protect Their Name, Image and Likeness

For years, the debate surrounding college athletes’ monetization of their NIL–a commonly used acronym that represents name, image, and likeness–has prevented student athletes from capitalizing upon their on-field success and profiting from their collegiate athletic careers. Numerous states including California, New Jersey, and Florida have now passed legislation to provide college athletes with the right to profit from their name, […]

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WNBA Abandons “WUBBLE” Trademark After Challenge From WUBBLE Ball

Last year, the WNBA filed a trademark application for “WUBBLE.” This was the WNBA’s version of the “Bubble” for the WBNA’s season in 2020. While the WNBA’s application was approved by the USPTO for registration, in January 2021 and the makers of the WUBBBLE Ball subsequently filed an “extension of time to oppose” the application.  This is typically the first […]

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NCAA Seeks Cancellation of “VASECTOMY MAYHEM” Trademark

The NCAA has filed a Petition for Cancellation against the trademark owned by a Virginia Urology practice for “VASECTOMY MAYHEM.” The registration was issued in September 2020 for vasectomy services. Now, what does the NCAA have to do with vasectomies? According to the cancellation petition, the NCAA alleged Virginia Urology started off by using “Vasectomy Madness” to promote its services […]

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NFL Opposes XFL’s Trademark for Houston Roughnecks Logo

The NFL, which still owns trademark rights around the Houston Oilers trademarks, has filed an opposition against the XFL’s trademark application for the Houston Roughnecks logo. In the documents filed on December 28, the NFL contends that the Roughnecks logo is too similar to that of the former Houston Oilers team. The Houston Oilers Logo vs. The Houston Roughnecks Logo […]

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Carnival’s “KING JAMES” Trademark Blocked By LeBron James

LeBron James has filed formal documents to oppose a trademark application for “KING JAMES” that was filed by Carnival Cruise Lines. LeBron’s company, LBJ Trademarks, filed the formal opposition with the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s (USPTO) Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) on November 18. The opposition stops in its tracks a trademark application filed by Carnival Cruise […]

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Shaquille O’Neal Files Trademark Application for “SHAQPOT”

Shaquille O’Neal filed a new trademark application for “SHAQPOT” on October 22. The application indicates that O’Neal and Authentic Brands Group intends to use the “SHAQPOT” trademark in association with betting services, gambling services, and wagering services. The filing also includes a website featuring online betting, gaming, gambling and wagering services related to sporting events. Over the last year or […]

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