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This trademark blog and informational section of the website is meant to provide you with answers to commonly asked questions about trademark searching, filing, and registration.

Kawhi Leonard Files Trademark for WHAT IT DO BABY

Kawhi Leonard’s company, Kawhi Leonard LLC, filed two trademark applications with the USPTO on October 23, 2019. The first application was filed for a brand clothing with the trademark “WHAT IT DO BABY.” This phrase happens to be a meme from a viral Instagram post Kawhi made over the summer. The trademark filing suggests that […]

How College Athletes Should Protect Trademarks

California recently passed a law allowing college athletes to profit from their name, image and likeness. While this is a very cool law, young people will now require sophisticated legal advice on how to protect their trademarks. How can collegiate athletes protect their name, image and likeness? Here are two things that every college athlete […]

Philadelphia Eagles Still Seeking “PHILLY SPECIAL” Trademark

Nearly a year and a half after Super Bowl LII, the Philadelphia Eagles’ trademark application for “PHILLY SPECIAL” is still pending before the USPTO. Back in 2017, immediately following Super Bowl LII, 10 trademark applications for “Philly Special” were filed by 10 different companies. It took the Eagles nearly 11 days to file their own […]

The UFC Files Trademarks for “BADDEST MOTHERFUCKER”

On September 11, the UFC filed a series of trademark applications for the phrase ‘BADDEST MOTHERFUCKER’ under the entity Zuffa, LLC. Among the list of goods and services to be offered under the mark are entertainment services, including live stage shows and mixed martial arts events, toys and action figures, and championship belts. The three […]

The Los Angeles Rams Settle “LA RAMS” Trademark Dispute with LA Gear

LA Gear and the Los Angeles Rams have finally settled their years-long dispute over the “LA RAMS” trademark. Dating all the way back to January of 2017, the dispute began with LA Gear filing an opposition against the Los Angeles Rams’ trademark application for “LA RAMS,” claiming the shared acronym made the marks too similar. […]

New England Patriots File Trademark For “Dough Your Job”

An interesting trademark filing has recently been made by the New England Patriots. The filing is for “DOUGH YOUR JOB,” an obvious play on Bill Belichick’s saying “DO YOUR JOB.”  The filing indicates that the Patriots intend to sell a brand of ice cream using the phrase. This is where things get a little interesting. […]

The University of Miami Files Notice of Opposition for “Turnover Chain” Trademark

The University of Miami has filed a trademark application for “TURNOVER CHAIN.” The application, which was filed in October 2018, has been refused because an individual from Delray Beach, Florida actually filed his own ‘TURNOVER CHAIN’ application back in 2017. This has all come to a head in June of this year (2019), when the […]

Phillies File Lawsuit Over Ownership Rights to Phanatic Costume

The Philadelphia Phillies have recently filed a lawsuit against the design firm that created the Phanatic, Harrison/Erickson, over ownership rights to the Phanatic costume. Following decades of negotiation and agreements, the Phillies claim that Harrison/Erickson has now demanded millions of more dollars for the continued rights to use the Phanatic. A Brief History of the […]

Ohio State University Files Trademark for “THE”

August 16, 2019 (Original Post) On August 8, The Ohio State University filed a trademark application for the single word “THE.” ‘The’ Ohio State University’s trademark filing claims it is currently using the trademark “THE” for a brand of clothing, namely t-shirts, baseball caps, and hats. To support the filing, the University submitted specimens that […]

Minkah Fitzpatrick Allows His Trademark Filing for ‘FitzMagic’ to Abandon

Back in Autumn of 2018, the FitzMagic craze was taking over the country. Ryan Fitzpatrick was lighting things up in Tampa, and at one point even came out to a press conference dressed in DeSean Jackson’s clothes. During all the excitement, a quarterback for the Miami Dolphins, Minkah Fitzpatrick, filed a trademark application for “FitzMagic” […]

Zion Williamson and the New Orleans Pelicans File Trademark Applications for “LET’S DANCE”

July 4, 2019 (Original Post) The day after the 2019 NBA Draft, both Zion Williamson and the New Orleans Pelicans filed trademark applications for “Let’s Dance.” Zion Williamson filed four separate applications. The applications filed by Zion indicate that the top pick in this year’s NBA draft has an intent to offer “computer games, video […]

PGA Tour Files New Trademark for “The Skins Game”

The PGA Tour filed a brand new trademark application on June 19th for “The Skins Game,” suggesting that the PGA Tour is bringing back the once popular event. Looking at the trademark application, you can see that the application states the PGA Tour plans to offer “entertainment services, namely conducting professional golf tournaments” using “The […]