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This trademark blog and informational section of the website is meant to provide you with answers to commonly asked questions about trademark searching, filing, and registration.

Kobe Bryant, LLC Files 3 New Trademark Applications

Kobe Bryant’s family has filed three new trademark applications since his tragic passing. The filings were made by Kobe Bryant, LLC, an entity that was created just a few months ago. The most recent application was filed on June 6 for a logo that consists of Kobe’s signature, the number 24 and his name in […]

LA Clippers File Trademarks for “WIN THE WAIT”

The LA Clippers filed two trademark applications for “WIN THE WAIT” on April 27. These applications come just a few weeks after a Twitter video of coach Doc Rivers was posted in which he told his team to find ways to ‘win the wait’ while games are canceled. One application is drafted in a way […]

UFC Files 22 Trademarks for “FIGHT ISLAND” and “UFC FIGHT ISLAND”

Zuffa, LLC, the entity that owns the UFC’s intellectual property, has filed 22 new trademark applications for “FIGHT ISLAND” and “UFC FIGHT ISLAND.” The company filed 11 applications for each version with identical goods and services. The trademark filings show that the UFC has intent-to-use the trademarks in association with several different items. Most notably, […]

Tom Brady Files Two New Trademarks for “Tompa Bay” and “Tampa Brady”

Tom Brady‘s company, TEB Capital Management Inc., has filed two new trademarks for “Tompa Bay” and “Tampa Brady.” The filings were just made on April 6 and indicate that Brady‘s company has an intent-to-use the trademarks in association with clothing, headwear and footwear. In the guts of the application, Tom Brady himself signed a sworn […]

Puma Files Trademark Application for “PUMA TOKYO 2021”

On March 24, Puma filed the first Tokyo 2021 trademark application for “PUMA TOKYO 2021.” The application was filed on a 1(b) basis, meaning that Puma signed a sworn declaration indicating that the company has a bona fide intent to use the mark in association with the goods and services identified in the trademark filing. […]

Tom Brady’s Agents File Trademark Application for “TB X TB”

Tom Brady’s agents, Yee & Dubin Sports, have filed a new trademark application for “TB X TB.” The application was filed on March 20 on a 1(b) basis, indicating an intent to use the “TB X TB” mark in association with a brand of clothing. One thing to note is that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers […]

Little League Baseball Files New Trademark for “LIVE YOUR SERIES”

Little League Baseball has filed a new trademark application for “LIVE YOUR SERIES.” The application, filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on February 25, was filed on an intent-to-use basis. This suggests that Little League Baseball plans to use the phrase in association with things like clothing, cloth patches, and baseball […]

Little League Baseball Files Trademark for New Logo

Little League Baseball has filed a trademark application for a new logo. Submitted on January 27, the application was filed on an intent-to-use basis, meaning that Little League Baseball signed a sworn statement that the league intends to use the logo in association with all the goods and services they listed. This includes goods such […]

Tennessee Titans File Trademark Application for “TAKE EVERYTHING”

The Tennessee Titans filed a trademark application for “TAKE EVERYTHING” on January 17th. The “TAKE EVERYTHING” phrase has been featured in many of the Titan’s Hype videos this off-season and it is currently being used on some clothing in their online shop. The filing was made just two days before the AFC Championship Game, where […]

Lamar Jackson Files Trademark for “YOU ARE GOING TO GET A BOWL OUT OF ME, BELIEVE THAT!”

Baltimore Ravens quarterback, Lamar Jackson, has filed a trademark for “YOU ARE GOING TO GET A BOWL OUT OF ME, BELIEVE THAT!” The application was filed on January 16th, just five days after the Ravens lost to the Titans in the divisional round of the playoffs. The phrase originates from the day Jackson was drafted […]

An Overview of Kirk Cousins’ Trademark Application for “YOU VIKE THAT!”

Following the Minnesota Vikings’  trademark application for “GO GET IT,” many people have been wondering if Kirk Cousins owns a trademark for “You Vike That.” Kirk filed an application for the phrase on March 20, 2018, but the registration is still pending with the USPTO. The application has gone through the examination process and it […]

Jimmy Garoppolo Files Trademark for “FEELS GREAT BABY”

Jimmy Garoppolo’s agents, Yee and Dubin Sports, have filed six trademark applications for “FEELS GREAT BABY” and “IT FEELS GREAT BABY.” The slogan comes from week 8 of the NFL season when, after a win that set the 49ers up with an 8-0 record, Erin Andrews asked Jimmy Garopollo how it felt to be 8-0. […]