The NCAA has filed a Petition for Cancellation against the trademark owned by a Virginia Urology practice for “VASECTOMY MAYHEM.”

The registration was issued in September 2020 for vasectomy services.

Now, what does the NCAA have to do with vasectomies?

According to the cancellation petition, the NCAA alleged Virginia Urology started off by using “Vasectomy Madness” to promote its services around the time of the NCAA tournament. The NCAA even included an exhibit showing the previous advertising used by the practice.

The NCAA and Virginia Urology settled the case and the Virginia based urologists agreed not to use “Vasectomy Madness” going forward. Instead, it appears they started using “Vasectomy Mayhem.”

However, the NCAA apparently still considers VASECTOMY MAYHEM too close to its own trademarks, especially given they own a registration for “March Mayhem,” as well as all the other “March Madness” trademarks.