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This trademark blog and informational section of the website is meant to provide you with answers to commonly asked questions about trademark searching, filing, and registration.

Supreme Court: Filing Bankruptcy Does Not Terminate a Trademark License

Licensing a trademark is one of several ways for a brand-owner to monetize its brand. Brand owners can enter into exclusive, or non-exclusive licensing deals with others to expand into new markets, develop new product lines, or embark on new collaborations. But what kind of risks do parties need to consider when entering into a […]

Has Jimmy Butler Registered His Jimmy Buckets Trademarks?

  If you are watching the NBA playoffs you probably have seen all the ‘JIMMY BUCKETS’ signs popping up around the Wells Fargo Center.  This leads to the question: “Has Jimmy Butler registered his Jimmy Buckets trademark?” And the answer is that Jimmy Butler has filed seven trademark applications for Jimmy Buckets, but none of […]

Sales Tips for Lawyers – How To Be a Good Salesperson and Attorney

[This video and post is an Episode of the Josh Gerben Show.  The show, available on YouTube, is a show about the business of running and operating a law practice.  It is not legal advice.] To be a good lawyer, it is essential that you become a good salesperson. All the attorneys that we look […]

Joel Embiid’s Trademark Filing for ‘THE PROCESS’ May Soon Be Denied

  The 76ers recently had a big win at Oracle Arena, which led me to take a look at a trademark application by Joel Embiid for “The Process.” After reviewing the trademark, I have a prediction to make. This trademark application for THE PROCESS was filed by Joel Embiid back in October 2016 and it […]

How to Conduct a Trademark Search

Want to learn more about trademark searches? Here are the fundamentals of how a trademark search is performed.