Last year, the WNBA filed a trademark application for “WUBBLE.” This was the WNBA’s version of the “Bubble” for the WBNA’s season in 2020.

While the WNBA’s application was approved by the USPTO for registration, in January 2021 and the makers of the WUBBBLE Ball subsequently filed an “extension of time to oppose” the application.  This is typically the first step in contesting a trademark application that a company believes might infringe on their rights.

After this extension of time was submitted, the WNBA filed to expressly abandon their WUBBLE application.  In all likelihood, this is because the parties agreed to settle any dispute by having the WNBA not seek the WUBBLE trademark registration.

At the end of the day, the WNBA will not own the WUBBLE trademark, and the WUBBLE Ball will continue to be protected.