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How to Register a Swedish Trademark in the United States

International brands are a part of the fabric of the United States marketplace. Some of the biggest brands in the US are owned by foreign companies, and, because of the sheer size of the market, new brand owners are always trying to find footholds in the United States for their products and services. Despite having the same population as the […]

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Three Tips For European and UK Companies Filing U.S. Trademarks

Navigating the United States trademark filing system can be a daunting task for companies from the European Union or United Kingdom.  This is because the information required by the United States Patent and Trademark Office is typically more stringent than the trademark offices in the EU and UK. The following article discusses three main issues that EU and UK businesses […]

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Five Tips for International Trademark Owners Filing a Trademark in the U.S.

HAVE QUESTIONS? Our firm’s experienced attorneys work with international clients for U.S. trademarks. Contact Our Attorneys For international companies filing trademarks in the United States the process may appear simple.  However, as the trademark application process unfolds, various challenges can come up that are difficult to navigate without an in-depth knowledge of US trademark law.  A significant percentage of foreign […]

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Massive Wave of Fraudulent US Trademark Filings Likely Caused by Chinese Government Payments

The Chinese government is paying its citizens to obtain US trademark registrations — regardless of the legitimacy of the registration.  These payments by the Chinese government amount to nearly $800 per US trademark registration that is obtained (a potential profit per trademark of $525 after filing fees).  Given that the median monthly income for a Chinese citizen is around $1,000, […]

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Information Required From a Foreign Company To File a United States Trademark Application

Gerben IP works extensively with international clients and their foreign counsel to assist with the filing of trademark applications in the United States (we serve as a local counsel in the United States in this capacity). Clients (and their attorneys) from over 30 countries have used Gerben IP’s local counsel trademark services to apply for a trademark in the United […]

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Thailand to Join the Madrid Protocol

Starting November 7th of this year, a 99th member will be added to the Madrid Protocol. Becoming the 115th country, Thailand will officially become a member of the Madrid Protocol. If you have ever wanted to expand your trademark rights to more than one country, you are probably familiar with the Madrid Protocol. If you are not, the Madrid Protocol is […]

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What Trademark Owners Need to Know About Brexit

On June 23, 2016, the United Kingdom voted on a public referendum to leave the European Union. This referendum, known as “Brexit” (a combination of Britain & Exit) and has put the future of British trade with other European Union members in a state of turmoil. However, its effects could reach far outside of Europe, as U.S.-based businesses try to […]

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3 Tips for International Trademark and Brand Protection

As a business owner in today’s world it is likely that you are, at least, tangentially, in business internationally. That’s because you almost certainly have a website for your business, and that website theoretically gives the entire connected world access to your business, products, and services. While the opportunities of the online marketplace are certainly compelling, when you look through the spectrum […]

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Why Should You Register A Trademark Internationally? 4 Reasons

One of the most challenging aspects of protecting a trademark in the world today is protecting the trademark internationally. Because there is not a simple way to ‘globally’ register a trademark in every country, a trademark owner must register its trademark rights in each and every individual country where it seeks protection. The following four reasons are just a few […]

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Obtaining International Trademark Registration and Protection: 4 Quick Facts

After you have filed for your US trademark, you may want to expand your trademark and brand protection globally to other countries outside of the US. Whether you have a new business opportunity, are targeting new markets for penetration, or simply want to strengthen your trademark protections in the age of global commerce facilitated by the internet, international registration of […]

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using the Madrid Protocol (Foreign Companies Filing in U.S.)

If you are a company outside of the US doing international business, you’ve probably come across the Madrid Protocol as an option for filing trademarks for protection in a number of countries including the United States.  A common question that may arise as you seek out trademarks is whether a foreign business should use the Madrid Protocol to file a US […]

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