The company that owns all of Miley Cyrus’ trademarks, Smiley Miley Inc., has filed a new trademark application for “BANDIT AND BARDOT.”

The application, filed on December 1st, was drafted in such a way that the trademark appears to be the name of a new band.

When filing trademarks for band names, artists will often start by filing an International Class 9 for any type of music that could be recorded and distributed. Then, they file in Class 41 for things such as live musical performances by a musical band, and any other types of music that could then be distributed online. Smiley Miley Inc.’s application follows these steps and indicates that there’s an intent to use the name “BANDIT AND BARDOT” in association with a band.

The filing was made on a 1(b) basis, meaning that there is a bona fide intent to use the mark in commerce in association with the listed goods and services. So, it is possible that Miley Cyrus will be starting a new band, Bandit and Bardot, in the near future.