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Foot Locker Files Trademarks for ‘WOOLWORTH’

Foot Locker has filed two new trademarks applications for ‘WOOLWORTH.’ The applications, filed on February 10th, indicate that Foot Locker has an intent to launch a Woolworth retail store as well as Woolworth brand of clothing, footwear and headwear. Both of these applications were filed on an intent to use basis, meaning that Foot Locker submitted a sworn statement that […]

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Shawn Carter Files New Trademarks for JAY Z

Shawn Carter has filed two new trademark applications for his professional name, JAY Z. While Carter already owns the JAY Z trademark registration in relation to entertainment services and musical recordings, the applications filed on February 13 cover a wide range of products. The trademark applications indicate that Carter has an intent to sell JAY Z-branded furniture, cutlery, bed linens, […]

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USPTO Refuses Fox Media’s “OK BOOMER” Trademark Application

Fox Media’s trademark application for “OK BOOMER” was refused by the USPTO on February 4th. In issuing the refusal, the USPTO examiner found that “OK BOOMER” was a widely used and common place message. The rule that was applied by the examiner, 1202.04(b), essentially states that you cannot register a meme or a popular phrase because it cannot be tied […]

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Fox Media Files Trademark Application for “OK Boomer” TV Show

Fox Media, LLC has filed a trademark application for “OK Boomer.” The filing, made on November 11, suggests that Fox intends to offer a reality, comedy and/or game show called OK BOOMER. Fox filed the application on a Section 1(b) basis, meaning that the media giant has a bona fide intent to use this name for a television show. These […]

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Nike, Inc Files Trademark Application for Cryptokicks Cryptocurrency

Nike, Inc recently made an interesting trademark filing for Cryptokicks, for a brand of cryptocurrency. Nike’s application includes a list of products, but the main headline is the language which states that Cryptokicks is for “providing a digital currency or digital token for use by members of an online community”. Essentially, this is a cryptocurrency called Cryptokicks and all the […]

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“Magic: The Gathering” Trademark Denied

In 2013, the creators of the “Magic: The Gathering” card game applied to register a symbol of an arrow. The registration was specifically for card games, trading card games, playing cards, and accessories. The specimen that they provided alleging proof of use only appears in one location on the playing cards. It doesn’t appear on packaging or any other places. […]

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USPTO Denies Warner Bros. Trademark Application for a Harry Potter Quote

In October of last year, Warner Bros. attempted to register the famous “Harry Potter” phrase, “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.” As intellectual property owner of the Harry Potter movie series, Warner Bros. filed the application for a variety of different products. The examining attorney assigned to this trademark application issued an initial denial for two […]

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Creator of “Carlton Dance” Sues Over Use of Dance in Fortnite, NBA 2K

Alfonso Ribeiro has sued the creators of Fortnite and the NBA 2K series for using the “Carlton Dance” as an unlockable (i.e. purchasable) character celebration dance. Ribeiro is best known for his portrayal of uptight “Carlton Banks” on the 90’s sitcom the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” In one episode, Banks starts doing a dance move that is now known as […]

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Who Owns L.A.? Why L.A. Gear’s Campaign to Monopolize the “L.A.” Trademark Will Likely Fail

L.A. Gear, the shoe brand most well-known for its introduction of lights embedded in the soles of its sneaker, has been very busy over the years at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). While the brand does not enjoy the pop-culture status it once had in the 80’s, its continued robust trademark enforcement campaign has raised eyebrows. Recently, L.A. Gear […]

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Nickelodeon Doubles Down on “Double Dare” Trademark Dispute

A trademark battle, perhaps with slime included, is in the works. If you grew up in the 80s, chances are you heard about a game show called “Double Dare” where kid contestants had to complete crazy physical challenges, and would most likely end up getting slimed (at least once) by the end of the show.  Since its heyday, the show has […]

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DJ Khaled Sues Company Over Trademark Applications that Use His Son’s Name

NEED HELP WITH TRADEMARKS? Our attorneys offer trademark services and offer free consultations. Contact Us! It started with Beyoncé and Jay-Z.  The Beckhams did it.  Now it is DJ Khaled’s turn. The latest celebrity must-have is a trademark registration for their child’s name. DJ Khaled filed a trademark for his son’s name ASAHD for just about every product and service […]

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Coachella is Enforcing its Trademark Against Other ‘Chella’-Branded Events

Coachella’s 2018 Music Festival wrapped up last weekend a couple of hours outside of Los Angeles.  The event can be loosely compared to this generation’s Woodstock in its extensive list of musical guests but also in its cultural impact.   This year’s celebrity-studded event featured awe-inspiring feats of performance by Beyonce and other memorable moments, but Coachella’s reach goes far beyond […]

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