5B Artists + Media has filed three new trademark applications for “ROCK AGAINST RACISM.” This company manages popular metal and rock bands including Slipknot, Megadeath and Flogging Molly.

The applications, just filed on June 15th, indicate that 5B Artists + Media intends to use the “ROCK AGAINST RACISM” trademark for offering live music concerts and live music concert tours. They also filed an application for a clothing line, as well as an additional filing for selling music branded under the “ROCK AGAINST RACISM” slogan.

These trademark applications were all filed on a 1(b) basis, which means that 5B Artists + Media has a bona fide intent to use the trademark in association with the goods and services they listed in the applications. The founder of the company, Cory Brennan, was required to sign a declaration that stated he plans to use the trademarks.

Finally, this is not the first time the “Rock Against Racism” phrase has been used. Back in the late 1970s and early 1980s, Rock Against Racism was a political and cultural movement that erupted after a rise in racist attacks on the streets of the United Kingdom. Now, in response to Black Lives Matter movement across the globe, it appears that 5B Artists + Media is bringing back the phrase and planning to offer a “ROCK AGAINST RACISM” concert.