Drake and Nike Collab: “FORZA NOCTA” Trademark

In past few weeks, there has been increased speculation that Drake and Nike will be dropping a clothing collaboration. Thanks to trademark applications that have been filed with the USPTO, recent documents may provide some clues about what will be included in the collaboration.

The first interesting filing noted is a “FORZA NOCTA” application that was filed in January of 2020. Since being filed early in the year, the application has changed ownership twice. It was originally filed by Dream Crew IP, LCC, an entity that Drake has filed trademarks through before. It was then assigned to Common Sense Counsel IP Holdings, which is another company Drake has filed trademarks through. Finally, the application transferred ownership to Northstar. Currently, Northstar owns 5 other ‘Nocta’-based trademarks, including a logo that has been seen on Drake’s clothing before.

Perhaps what seals the deal, Drake’s attorney filed a specimen with the USPTO that shows how the trademark would be used in commerce. The specimen features “FORZA NOCTA” over a Nike swoosh on a black t-shirt.

A final interesting thing to note is that another entity associated with Drake filed a trademark application for “HOT STEP” on November 10, 2020. The application lists sneakers and athletic shoes under its goods and services, so Drake may very well be releasing HOT STEP branded shoes soon.

See all of Drakes Trademarks at the Gerben Trademark Library.

Josh Gerben, Esq.

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