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Nelly Files Trademark Application for “YUNG SWIVEL”

Nelly has filed a trademark application for “YUNG SWIVEL,” a nickname he developed while on Dancing with the Stars.

According to a story on ET Online, Nelly is says that he uses the “YOUNG SWIVEL” nickname because he can be a little stiff and it loosens him up.

The trademark application, filed on October 7th, covers a wide variety of goods and services. According to the filing with the USPTO, Nelly intends to use the trademark in connection with cosmetics, colognes, theatrical make-up, clothing items, cowboy hats, dance instruction classes, fitness bootcamps and more.

The filing was made on 1(b) intent-to-use basis, which means that Nelly’s trademark team were required to sign a sworn declaration stating he intends to use this trademark on the all products and services he listed in the application.

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