Paris Hilton filed nine new trademark applications for “SLIVING”.  The filings were all made on March 5th. The term, invented by Hilton in 2019, is combination of ‘slaying’ and ‘living’.

Hilton filed the applications on an intent-to-use basis, meaning that she plans to sell all the goods and services listed in her applications under the “SLIVING” brand.

This includes products such as clothing, teddy bears, free weights, electronic handheld game units, jewelry, fragrances, eye-wear and more. Additionally, she filed an application “SLIVING” branded services like multimedia entertainment services, live concerts and an online retail store.

Before the trademark can register, the nine applications will go through an 8-10-month long application process with the United States Patent and Trademark Office(USPTO). If approved, Hilton will be required to show that she is selling all the goods and services included the applications prior to receiving the registration for her “SLIVING” trademark.