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For many companies outside the United States, the U.S. economy is an attractive opportunity for expansion. However, many foreign business owners aren't familiar with U.S. trademark laws that can help them become as competitive and profitable as possible.

Deciding whether to operate with a US trademark is one of the key marketing and business decisions that companies must make. A US trademark offers foreign companies a level of legal protection that they might not be able to receive in their own country. Gerben Law Firm has the knowledge needed to assist foreign clients in their efforts to work through a US trademark registration. For foreign business owners, if you want to do business in the United States and protect your trademark, you will strongly want to consider going through the process to register a US Trademark.

A US trademark offers protection for the name of your company, logo, product or service. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is the agency responsible for handling all US trade mark registration applications and either approving or denying the applications. Some of the problems that a US trademark registration might encounter include using a name that is identical or too similar to an existing America trademark. The USPTO trademark examiners also might find mistakes in the paperwork, which needs to be completed accurately and precisely to pass the review process. The process is a lengthy one, as USPTO states that its reviewers can take as long as six months to get back to you with any questions.

Because of the legal details involved in applying for a USA trademark, many foreign companies would be wise to seek the services of Gerben Law Firm because the firm can advise you throughout the process. To start the US Trademark registration process, Gerben Law Firm offers free consultations regarding your proposed US trademark. US trademark attorney Josh Gerben is available throughout the day -- even during business hours in other countries -- to answer questions. When you seek to register a US Trademark, you need to know that you have someone who is available when you want him, not when it's only convenient to him.

In addition to Gerben Law Firm's superior availability, the firm offers top-of-the-line trademark searches for all USA trademark registrations. The firm conducts detailed searches to ensure that your proposed trademark will have the best chance possible of passing the scrutiny of USPTO. As part of those searches, US Trademark Attorney Josh Gerben will comb databases at the federal government level in addition to databases maintained by US states. He will collect results of identical or similar trademarks that could pose a threat to your United States trade mark registration. In addition to the report, attorney Josh Gerben will provide his legal opinion on your application so that you do not waste money and time with an application that could likely be rejected.

When you register US trademarks, you should be aware that the USPTO charges a filing fee. You have to pay this fee whether or not the USPTO eventually approves your application -- so you're not getting the money back. Because you are at risk of losing that application fee, you should be sure that your application stands the best chance possible of receiving approval. The searches conducted by the Gerben Law Firm can help you feel confident as you apply for a US trademark

Gerben Law Firm's US trademark application services have the broadest range of clients in mind, from the smallest business owner in the United States to the most aggressive foreign company looking to establish a profitable US presence. A USA trademark is valuable to everyone who relies on a specific name as part of their business. Gerben Law Firm understands that and is ready to do everything possible to deliver a successful U.S. trademark registration experience for you.