Flat Fee Trademark Monitoring Service

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 Our flat fee trademark monitoring service focuses on delivering quality legal services at a reasonable flat fee. We cut no corners in delivering our service as we use industry-leading trademark search software from Corsearch to help monitor your trademark, and, rely on the experience of our trademark attorneys to analyze the findings and provide your reports. 

If you have any questions or concerns about your particular trademark please contact one of our attorneys.  We are always happy to provide a complimentary consultation.

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3. What’s Included

Monitoring of New Trademark Filings

We monitor all new trademark filings to ensure no one else attempts to register a same or similar trademark with the USPTO.

Delivery of Quarterly Infringement Reports

We deliver a quarterly report to you detailing any potential infringement and notify you of any action needed on your trademark.

Notification of Trademark Renewal Filings

We notify you when it is time to make your trademark renewal filings.

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