Flat Fee Trademark Renewal Services

Ensuring that renewals are timely filed on your trademark registrations is a critical element to maintaining your trademark rights. Even if you have used your trademark for years, missing one renewal deadline will cause the USPTO to cancel your trademark registration. Gerben IP provides trademark renewal services to ensure all of your renewal deadlines are properly met.

An explanation of trademark renewal deadlines:

The first deadline for a trademark renewal comes between the 5th and 6th years after registration. The USPTO will require proof that the trademark is being used in commerce for the goods or services listed in the registration. This “renewal” is technically called a “Section 8 Declaration of Continued Use.”

The second renewal is required 9 to 10 years after the registration date.

The third, fourth and remaining renewals are due every 10 years thereafter.

Our experienced trademark attorneys will navigate the renewal process for you at every step. You can complete our online engagement form for your renewal below, depending on which renewal is due on your trademark registration.


Declaration of Use + Incontestability (5 Year Renewal)





(per class)

10 Year Renewals





(per class)

What’s Included

Monitoring Deadlines

We monitor your trademark renewal deadlines and inform you well in advance of when a renewal filing is due.

Drafting of Renewal Paperwork

A trademark renewal filing must be properly drafted in order to prove use in commerce for all goods and services protected under the trademark registration.

Timely Filing of Renewals with the USPTO

We file all necessary documentation with the USPTO, ensuring that you do not miss your trademark renewal deadlines.

Why use Gerben IP’s attorneys to assist with your trademark renewal?

As a trademark owner, you are responsible for the renewal of your registered trademark, but with the use of Gerben IP’s Trademark Renewal Services, it doesn’t have to take up your time and attention.

Skill and experience.

Our attorneys have handled thousands of renewal filings and understand the requirements and nuances of the process.

Timely filed renewals.

Maintaining your trademark renewal schedule is an essential part of trademark ownership. A missed deadline can put your hard-earned trademark registration in jeopardy. We’ll ensure that your trademark renewal filings are made on time, so that you will continue to retain the rights to your trademark.

Rigorous attention to details.

We ensure that the all information provided on the renewal filings is accurate by conducting a thorough review of your trademark registration. We confirm that the goods and services protected by the trademark are still accurate and that the owner information is up-to-date. This ensures your trademark is being properly used and will pass a random USPTO audit, if selected for that process.

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