The Wall Street Journal Speaks with Josh Gerben About Nike’s Recent Virtual Reality Trademark Filings

Nike’s recent trademark applications indicate that it wants to sell its goods virtually. On November 2, 2021, The Wall Street Journal published an article discussing these filings.

The Wall Street Journal discusses what the applications could mean for the apparel giant with Josh Gerben.

For Nike, the trademark applications could be a way to protect its brand in virtual worlds – as it already does in the real world-and prevent knockoffs from appearing in games, said Josh Gerben, a trademark attorney at Gerben IP.

“Virtual worlds are a new frontier,” Mr. Gerben said. “It will probably become a revenue stream for Nike.”

Source: Pisani, Joseph. “Nike Files to Sell Digital Sneakers, as It Seeks Downloadable Kicks.” 2 November 2021.

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