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When looking to protect the value of services or goods, many businesses consider trademark filing to be an important tool in a larger marketing campaign or business strategy. If you successfully file a trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, you receive protection from future competitors who might infringe on the name of your company or products by using a similar name. In addition to protection from trademark infringement, trademark filing can help you identify competitors, especially if you are starting a new company or expanding your inventory of goods or services. Many business owners spend plenty of time devising a creative name for their company, services or products and bubble with energy when they have something that sounds like it would be appealing to customers -- and therefore profitable. However, that name might closely resemble a competitor's name. By looking to first file a trademark, you can identify competitors already using the same or similar names. Some trademark services search for similar trademarks, which can help protect you from getting a USPTO rejection. In addition, that search would likely reveal your competitors -- either within your region and market or simply other companies that use a similar name.

If you decide to make trademark filing part of your business plan, you should strongly consider hiring Gerben Law Firm to handle the process. Although the USPTO provides resources for filing trademarks that anyone can use, you need to provide specific, accurate information to avoid a possible rejection. A trademark attorney can review every filing and compare it to several databases of trademarks to ensure that you are not infringing on someone else's registered trademark or common law trademark.

Our online service can make it easier for you to file trademarks by scouring various resources for similar names that could present a problem for your trademark filing. Few business owners would be expected to know how to file a trademark that meets USPTO's expectations, and a service would offer a better chance at passing the government's scrutiny.

In addition, filing trademarks can be a time-consuming process, and it requires close attention to details to ensure that the application passes USPTO examination and gives your business the best possible protection. When starting or managing a business, the demand on time might requires outsourcing of matters that are not in your core competency. Our trademark filing service ensures that you do not worry about anyone infringing on your valuable trademark.

After our trademark attorney files your trademark, the USPTO will assign your trademark to one of the agency's trademark attorneys, and the review process can last six months or longer. During that period, USPTO will send notices called Office Actions if the USPTO trademark attorney has any questions or concerns about your trademark filing.  Josh Gerben will assist you in handling all USPTO communications in addition to performing the trademark searches and trademark filings.

If your filling passes all USPTO inspection and is officially published, you will be able to claim your registered trademark. In the process of filing trademarks, you could also gain more information about your business' competition and adjust your marking strategies appropriately. A successful trademark filing can only bolster your efforts. However, the most important step might be the initial decision of entrusting an attorney or service that knows how to file a trademark to handle the details and give you the best chance possible of successfully filing a trademark.