Gerben Law Firm offers a quality trademark service at a reasonable flat rate.  For $950, plus a USPTO filing fee of $350 per class of goods/services, you will receive an entire packaging of registration services, including a comprehensive trademark search, attorney consultation time, trademark application preparation, and response to non-substantive Office Actions.

Business owners often have a close eye on the budget when starting a new business.  Because of this, they may assume they can’t afford to hire a trademark attorney.  That said, the trademark services at Gerben Law Firm were developed with a tight legal budget in mind.  As you can see above, our firm’s services start at less than $1000 and can help to ensure that your registration process runs quickly and smoothly.  In fact, a recent study by the University of North Carolina showed that working with a trademark attorney increases the likelihood of approval by as much as fifty percent!  Consider the following about the cost to hire a trademark attorney.

Gerben Law Firm’s Flat Fee Trademark Registration

At Gerben Law Firm, our goal is to deliver quality legal services at a reasonable flat fee.  A basic trademark registration with Gerben Law Firm is $950, plus your filing fee with the USPTO, which is $350 for each class of goods or services you plan to register.  This flat rate does not simply cover submission of your application, but also a full federal, state and common law trademark search as well as consultation time with an experienced trademark attorney.

As mentioned above, the first step in our registration process is to conduct a comprehensive trademark search (learn more), using industry leading CORESEARCH software.  Once the search is complete, you will then receive an opinion letter and a telephone consultation with your trademark attorney to discuss the findings of your trademark search.  The rate also includes a complimentary second search if the first reveals potential conflicts.  We will then draft and file your trademark application, and monitor its status with the USPTO.  Our trademark attorneys can typically respond to most non-substantive Office Actions on your behalf throughout the process, as well.  Once your trademark has been registered, you will receive your registration certificate through the mail.

Benefits of Working with a Trademark Attorney

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You’ve likely come across websites advertising do-it-yourself trademark registrations for a very low fee.  We understand that new business owners may be tempted to save a few dollars with a DIY trademark registration, but this might not be the best choice in the long run.  This fee is typically paid to use the site’s trademark search feature.  Unfortunately, the search software available to the general public is not comprehensive and may only reveal exact matches to your trademark.  Most trademark disputes, however, arise not from exact matches, but from similar matches to a mark, which may cause a likelihood of confusion.

On the contrary, Gerben Law Firm uses CORESEARCH, a much more comprehensive search software, which detects not only exact matches, but similar matches to your business name, logo, or slogan as well.   Our trademark attorneys will also assist you in determining the correct international classes for your trademark, based upon the goods or services you intend to provide.  Completing a comprehensive search and submitting an accurate application are a critical part of the registration process, and maybe cause for rejection if not done properly.

Gerben Law Firm has experience registering over 5,500 trademarks in all fifty states.  Allow us to manage this process for you, from conducting a comprehensive trademark search to determining the right international classes and drafting the application.  Instead of spending time responding to requests from the USPTO, you can invest time in building your business. Consider the benefits of working with Gerben Law Firm to ensure the business of managing your trademark registration is done properly, at a reasonable, flat rate.

Additional Services Offered

While many business owners focus only on obtaining a trademark registration, what happens following registration is often just as important.  From monitoring your trademark’s use to meeting renewals deadlines, it is essential to maintain your trademark ownership.  Gerben Law Firm offers a wide range of other services at an additional cost once a trademark is registered.  Some of these include:

Hiring a Trademark Attorney

The value of working with an experienced trademark attorney far outweighs the cost.  Gerben Law Firm offers an affordable, flat fee trademark registration package that includes not only a comprehensive trademark search, but an attorney consultation, application preparation and submission, and managing most non-substantive Office Actions as well.  Not only will working with Gerben Law Firm save you time, but it may also increase your likelihood of approval as well.  Consider contacting Gerben Law Firm to start the registration process today.