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We have been assisting entrepreneurs, established businesses and other lawyers with trademarks since 2008. We are very proud of the fact that our firm’s representation has resulted in the successful registration of more than 7,500 trademarks with the USPTO.

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Providing Trademark Services for Boise-based Businesses

Please note that while Gerben IP is not located in Idaho, it can assist businesses from Idaho in registering a federal trademark because it is a federal matter.

In 2008, trademark attorney Josh Gerben founded Gerben IP with a mission to provide professional trademark registration services for a reasonable, flat rate. Since that time, Gerben and his experienced team have worked with thousands of clients, from individuals with a single product to large companies, to register and protect their trademarks. 

Gerben IP works with clients all across the country, including the Boise area. Whether you plan to open a dental practice in North End or expand your distribution center in Meridian, Gerben IP is ready to assist you.

How many trademarks are filed each year by businesses in Boise, Idaho?

Gerben IP collected the following data from the USPTO’s public database.

Year# of Trademarks Filed
Year# of Trademarks Filed

Why is trademark registration important for The City of Trees’ business owners?

Boise is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country, and it’s easy to see why. With scenic views, an abundance of recreational options, and a relatively lower cost of living than other major cities, it’s no wonder people from across the country are making the move to Boise. If you plan to open your own business in the City of Trees, start the process to register your valuable trademarks now. 

Consider this scenario: Carrie loves living in the Highlands area where she enjoys taking photos of her family and friends. After a friend suggests she open her own photography business, Carrie decides to quit her full-time job and follow her dream. She chooses the name Artful Images and gets to work developing a website and marketing her new venture. While Carrie’s heard of trademark registration, she assumes her business is just too small to begin the process. 

Artful Images has a successful first year, and Carrie is even considering hiring another photographer when she learns some upsetting news. A photography business with several studios around Salt Lake City has been using the name Artful Images for years, and because they registered their trademark, they are well within their rights to ask Carrie to stop using the name. Now Carrie must spend additional time and money rebranding her business while trying to maintain the reputation she’s built over the past year. 

Contact Gerben IP today to learn more about registering and protecting your trademarks. If you’re ready, consider starting the online process of trademark registration here.

The top 5 questions Boise businesses have about obtaining a trademark.

How is a trademark different than a copyright or patent?

Trademarks, copyrights, and patents are all forms of intellectual property that protect different things. A trademark, for instance, protects the things that represent your brand, like business and product names, slogans, logos, and colors. Copyrights, on the other hand, protect works of authorship, including art, novels, and song lyrics, while patents protect new and novel inventions.

What is a USPTO?

The United States Patent and Trademark Office, or USPTO, is a division of the Department of Commerce. Examiners at the USPTO review applications for patents and trademarks and make determinations about approval. The USPTO also maintains the records of federally registered patents and trademarks.

Another business is using my preferred business name. Can I still use it?

It depends. The USPTO will reject your trademark application if it’s confusingly similar to an existing mark. However, it may be possible to use the same name without a likelihood of confusion. Dove, for example, is the brand name for both chocolates and soap. Because consumers aren’t likely to confuse the products of both businesses, each is allowed to use the name. If you are unsure about the availability of a particular mark, Gerben IP can assist you.

Do I need to work with a trademark attorney?

The USPTO doesn’t require U.S. citizens to work with an attorney, but there are many benefits to doing so. The process to register a trademark is detailed and requires knowledge of trademark law. Most business owners are incredibly busy growing their own businesses and may not have time to familiarize themselves with the ins and outs of trademark registration. When you partner with a trademark attorney, they can conduct a comprehensive trademark search, draft your application, and even respond to non-substantive Office Actions on your behalf, all while you remain focused on your own business.

What should I do if someone is infringing on my registered trademark?

In order to maintain control of your brand and its reputation, it’s important to monitor your mark and take quick action if potential infringement is found. If you think another business is infringing on your trademark, engage an experienced trademark attorney to assist you. Your attorney will evaluate the situation and determine the best course of action. Often, a cease-and-desist letter is all that is needed to put the other business on notice. Sometimes, however, your attorney will suggest more formal legal action.

Common misperceptions about trademarks heard around Boise, ID.

The USPTO will conduct a trademark search once I submit my application, so I don’t need to do one first.

Once you submit your application and pay your filing fees to the USPTO, an examiner will conduct a comprehensive trademark search. However, if your examiner finds a confusingly similar mark is already in use, your application could be rejected and your filing fees lost. Work with your trademark attorney to conduct a thorough trademark search before you submit your application (additional info on how to conduct a search). If a similar mark is found, you can make changes to your mark or select a new one before proceeding with the application process.

I won’t have a problem registering a business name that includes my last name.

The USPTO has strict requirements for approving trademark registrations that include surnames. If you choose to include your last name in your business name, it will not appear on the Principal Register until you can demonstrate deep market penetration and secondary meaning. When someone mentions Macy’s, for example, you likely associate it with the department store, not its founder, R.H. Macy. For most businesses, however, it can take many years to establish secondary meaning, and often, it’s not possible to do so.

As long as I renew my trademark on time, it will always be protected.

Meeting the USPTO’s renewal deadlines is one part of maintaining your protections. However, you must also continue to use it in the marketplace and only use it just as it appears in your trademark application. If you make changes to your mark or stop using it in public, your registration may be canceled.

I registered my logo, so it’s protected no matter what product I put on it.

When you complete your trademark application, you’ll need to include the classes of goods and services you plan to offer under your trademark. Your logo will only be protected in association with products or services included in those trademark classes. For example, if you registered for Class 25, which includes clothing, and decide to sell jewelry as well, you’ll need to register for Class 14 to ensure your logo is protected on in association with jewelry also.

International trademark registration is only important for large businesses.

In today’s global economy, it’s not unheard of for a small business to do business in other countries, through sales or manufacturing. If you plan to reach customers outside the U.S. or are manufacturing your product in another country, you should strongly consider trademark registration in those countries.

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Helping Our Customers Succeed

“ We were referred to Josh by a business colleague, and were skeptical that any online US Trademark filing process could be both simple and successful. Our experience with other firms (on other trademarks) had been tedious and expensive, by comparison. But Josh’s system worked, and we were awarded both trademarks…”

— Michael Zimmerman, MarketPoint

“…I am smart enough to know that this is a highly specialized area of the law that requires patience, understanding, extensive research, a finely tuned verification process and the ability to navigate the steps and procedures established by the federal government. But I am even smarter to know that, in the age of the specialist, I needed the best…”

Wayne HalperLaw Office of Wayne Halper

“…When working with Josh on our Trademark/Service Mark application process, his communication was excellent and his expertise and personal demeanor quickly built trust in the business matters. He manages a detailed and well balanced analysis and is results and success driven..”

— Johan Reinhoudt, EffectiveSalesCoaching.NL

“ I hired Josh to do some trademarking work for me. He was very knowledgeable, explained the process clearly, made sure it was filed in a timely manner, and followed up with me each step of the way.”

— Kathy Wolper, Kathy’s Just Desserts, Inc.

“ Working with Josh was an absolute pleasure. He made the process of getting our trademark a breeze. Should we ever seek another trademark we would certainly retain Josh again in a heartbeat. I recommend him very highly.”

— Verena Frydberg, Makeover Your MS

“ Every now and again you come across someone who you know will always get the job done, be upfront and honest, and looks out for you. It’s great never having to worry about Trademarks. I know I can just give him a call and it’ll be done quickly, affordable, and done right…”

— Megan Cummins, Sparklepop

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