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This trademark blog and informational section of the website is meant to provide you with answers to commonly asked questions about trademark searching, filing, and registration.

5 Tips to Trademark a Logo

A logo design is often one of the most iconic identifiers of a brand. In fact, many logos are such a strong part of a company’s identity that consumers can recognize the brand based off of the imagery or design alone. Since your company’s logo can play such a huge role in distinguishing you and […]

Trademark search for an APP or name of a software program

(The following is a summary of the video above). Hey everyone, this is Steve, Chief Paralegal here at Gerben Law Firm.  Today I am going to look at one important element to consider when running a trademark search for the name of an AP[...]

Performing a trademark search for a brand of clothing

(The following is a transcript of the video.) Greetings! Its Steve, chief paralegal and researcher here at Gerben Law Firm.  And today we are going to look at how to run a trademark search for clothing. Just as an overview, the gover[...]

Conducting a trademark search for the name of a beer or brewery

(The following is a transcript of the video above.) Hey everybody, this is Steve, chief paralegal and researcher here at Gerben Law Firm. Today, we're going to look at running a trademark search for beer.  As a general overview, the [...]

5 Steps to Trademark a Product Name

The name of a product that your company manufactures or sells is one of the primary things that people look to protect with a trademark registration (the other being a service offering). Remember that when you register a trademark for a product, you’re protecting its distinctive name which identifies the product as a good sold […]

California Chrome Trademark: A Racing Horse Files For a Trademark

Shortly after California Chrome won the Preakness Stakes, the second leg of horse racing’s coveted and elusive Triple Crown, news emerged that the horse’s owners had filed to register the name as a trademark with the United States Patent & Trademark Office. In fact, they had made the filing on May 15th – before California […]

How To Trademark a Beer Name

Whether you’ve only discussed the idea over a few pints, or you’re an experienced home brewer ready to share your creations with the world, once you make the commitment to establishing your very own microbrewery, you need to start thinking about trademarking the name of your beer. Registering your beer name as a trademark is […]

How to Trademark a Brand Name

Tips on how to register your company’s brand name.

Why Free Trademark Searches Don’t Work

If you’re thinking about running a free trademark search, check out this video first.

How Do I Register my Clothing Line Trademark?

Gerben Law Firm examine whats aspects of your company and your clothing line can be protected by filing for a trademark, and how you can go about doing so.

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