Shawn Carter has filed two new trademark applications for his professional name, JAY Z.

While Carter already owns the JAY Z trademark registration in relation to entertainment services and musical recordings, the applications filed on February 13 cover a wide range of products.

The trademark applications indicate that Carter has an intent to sell JAY Z-branded furniture, cutlery, bed linens, and floor coverings, like rugs and carpets. Additionally, Carter filed for some more obscure items, such as JAY Z-branded fly swatters, plungers, piggy banks, and even urns.

Both of these recent trademark filings were made on a 1(b) “intent to use” basis, meaning that Carter plans to offer all these products under the JAY Z trademark in the near future. When submitting the application, his attorney signed a sworn declaration to the USPTO that states that Shawn Carter has a bona fide intent to use the mark in commerce with each of the items listed.

In order for these applications to be registered, Carter will have to submit proof of use to the USPTO that shows the trademark being used on all the goods listed.

This suggests that you can expect to see some JAY Z home goods—and potentially plungers—in the near future.