Shaquille O’Neal filed a new trademark application for “SHAQPOT” on October 22.

The application indicates that O’Neal and Authentic Brands Group intends to use the “SHAQPOT” trademark in association with betting services, gambling services, and wagering services. The filing also includes a website featuring online betting, gaming, gambling and wagering services related to sporting events.

Over the last year or two, legalized sports betting has swept the United States. Now Shaq, known for his business savviness, appears to be getting into the sports betting business as well.  Shaq also owns a long list of trademarks that he has procured over the years.

The application was filed on a 1(b) basis, meaning that Shaq and Authentic Brands Group’s attorney was required to sign a sworn declaration stating that the partnership has a bona fide intent to use the trademark in commerce in association with the goods and services they listed. We can expect to see “SHAQPOT” betting services in the near future.