Comprehensive List of NFT Trademark Filings

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are rising in popularity.  This has lead to an increase in the number of trademark filings around NFT brands at the USPTO.

NFTs represent unique digital items such as digital art, audio, video, and other creative works that can be purchased using blockchain technology.

Entities who have filed trademark applications for NFTs include: Mattel Inc, Luka99 Inc (Dallas Maverick’s Luka Doncic’s company), Entertainment Weekly, Legend Pictures LLC, Los Angeles Lightning, and Funko LLC.

This post provides a frequently updated and comprehensive list of trademark applications associated with non-fungible tokens by popular brands.

Last Updated: October 22, 2021

Serial Owner Wordmark
97072868 The Topps Company, Inc RING POP
97072859 The Topps Company, Inc MARS ATTACKS
97072832 The Topps Company, Inc GARBAGE PAIL KIDS
97072828 The Topps Company, Inc BAZOOKA
97063114 The Hebrew University of Jerusalem ALBERT EINSTEIN
97051027 Luka99, Inc LUKAVERSE
97036034 Versus Inc WHERE FANS PLAY
97028804 Road Crates, Inc MONSTER MASH
90898392 The Upper Deck Company JOURNEY
90843637 Fast Pace Holdings, LLC USHBUCKS
90824135 Funko, LLC FUNKO
90818298 Lightning Basketball IP Holdings, LLC LIGHTNING BASKETBALL
90796288 Edward R. Pressman Film Corporation AMERICAN PSYCHO
90791278 Marvel Characters, Inc MARVEL MIGHTYS
90790450 SlashDot, LLC /.
90789965 SAKS
90780486 Park Avenue Entertainment LLC HELLRAISER
90768512 Luka 99, Inc LUKA DONCIC
90767267 Mattel, Inc HOT WHEELS NFT GARAGE
90751600 Entertainment Weekly Inc ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY
90751564 TI Gotham Inc LIFE
90604339 The Upper Deck Company UPPER DECK
90604337 The Upper Deck Company UPPER DECK
90604333 The Upper Deck Company EVOLUTION
90602664  The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc. ANDY WARHOL
90597980 The Chainsmokers BLOCKCHAINSMOKERS
90597980 The Chainsmokers BLOCKCHAINSMOKERS
90688332 Lions Gate Entertainment Inc. JOHN WICK
90705581 Kiss Catalog, Ltd. KISS NFT
90705399 Kiss Catalog, Ltd. KISS
90668412 Zuffa, LLC UFC
90668046 Zuffa, LLC UFC
90667930 Zuffa, LLC UFC
90602610 LFG NFTS, CORP. (Tom Brady) AUTOGRAPH

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