Trademark Services: Office Action Responses

Not all trademark applications go smoothly. If you’ve submitted an application to register a trademark you may receive a notice from the USPTO called an Office Action. There are many different types of Office Actions that can be issued, but regardless of what type you receive, you must respond in a timely manner or your trademark application will abandon.

Gerben IP’s experienced trademark attorneys can assist you with any type Office Action response. Whether it is responding to an administrative request, fixing a technical requirement with the application, or appealing a denial of your application, we’re here to help you navigate the Office Action response process.

If fact, if we helped you file your trademark application, Gerben IP takes care of any non-substantive Office Actions as part of its Flat-Fee Trademark Registration Package.

Our trademark attorneys can also assist you in responding to Office Actions that have been issued against applications that Gerben IP did not file on your behalf.

Gerben IP’s Office Action response service includes:

Review of Your Trademark Office Action

Our attorneys will carefully review the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s notice and identify the issues that need to be addressed with your trademark application.

Development of a Response Strategy

We work closely with our clients to develop a response strategy that addresses the USPTO examining attorney’s concerns and maximizes the chances of your trademark application’s approval.

Drafting of the Office Action Response

Once a strategy has been determined, our attorneys will draft a thorough and persuasive response to the Office Action, addressing all of the issues and providing evidence and arguments to support your position.

Filing of the Trademark Office Action Response

Once you have approved the Office Action response, we’ll file it in a timely manner with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, ensuring that all necessary deadlines are met.

Monitoring the Application

After filing your Office Action response, we will continue to monitor your trademark application and respond to any further Office Actions or requests from the USPTO.

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Since every Trademark Office Action is different, we will first need to review your case and determine what needs to be done.

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Trademark Office Action FAQs

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