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A trademark on a logo is essential to protecting your brand. Our attorneys offer flat fee trademark registration services for logos. ​

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We have been assisting entrepreneurs, established businesses and other lawyers with trademarks since 2008. We are very proud of the fact that our firm’s representation has resulted in the successful registration of more than 7,500 trademarks with the USPTO.

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Three Steps We’ve Used to Register 7,300+ Trademarks

Step 1: Comprehensive Trademark Search

Once you complete our engagement form, we will conduct a comprehensive federal, state and common law trademark search. Our search of federal and state trademark databases is done utilizing software provided by Corsearch. This is an industry leading trademark search software used by the largest law firms in the world. Our search works to identify any potential issue with your desired trademark prior to making a trademark filing.

Step 2: Trademark Attorney Consultation

Within 7-10 days of commencing work, we will return the trademark search results for your review. You can then set up a time to talk to one of our attorneys about the search results and any other questions you have about the trademark registration process. In the event that our search uncovers a problem, we offer a complimentary second search on a different trademark.

Step 3: Trademark Application Filed

Our experienced trademark attorneys will prepare your trademark application for your review and approval. Having drafted and successfully registered over 7,300 trademarks since 2008, our attorneys understand the intricacies of a US trademark application and will ensure your application is drafted to give you the best chance of approval possible.

Trademark A Logo with Gerben IP

For many people, starting a business is a time-consuming process that includes a significant emotional investment. What is the best name for my company? Will it help me become profitable? Do I need a logo to accompany the business name? Often, choosing a name and deciding on a logo go hand in hand. If you decide that a logo will be part of your business strategy, you need to consider getting a trademark for the names of your business, products or services and their associated logos.

Many business owners might wonder, “Who can trademark my logo? What do I need to do to trademark my logo?” Trademark attorney Josh Gerben can help with this process. In addition to registering names for companies, products and services, Josh Gerben can guide you through the process of protecting your logo. As with other trademarking services offered by Gerben IP, our trademark attorney scours multiple sources to collect as much information as possible related to your trademark logo. Based on that information, Josh Gerben can work with you to get as much trademark protection as possible.

Trademarking a logo also provides the customer with trademark protection. You will need to file a trademark application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. When trademarking a logo, you will need to file an application that uses a “stylized or special form” drawing, as defined by USPTO. This type of drawing refers to the graphic representation of the words or logo you wish to trademark. This type of trademark application varies from the “standard character” drawing. A standard character drawing is usually just the typed name of the company, goods or services that you wish to trademark. It uses standard fonts, punctuation and characters, with no claim to graphical treatment. However, if you wish to use fancier fonts or incorporate images in the trademark name of your company, goods or services, you can receive a trademark logo by choosing to file it as a stylized or special form drawing. Trademark attorney Josh Gerben can help you decide which type of trademark you need to file based on the goals of your business.

For many business owners, a logo is the basic unit of marketing. That logo could appear in advertisements on the Web, in newspapers, or on TV. However, your logo could be copied by someone else if you do not properly trademark a logo. To receive maximum protection for a trademark logo, Gerben IP provides in-depth search services that analyze trademark search results from the federal trademark database to ensure that no one else has registered a similar logo. If no one previously tried to trademark a logo that is similar to yours, you have cleared one hurdle.

After receiving the results of a trademark search for your logo, you’ll get a better feel for the likelihood that you’ll be able to successfully apply for a trademark logo with USPTO. With that information, you can revise your business strategy as needed. Trademark attorney Josh Gerben will offer clear opinions about your trademark logo to help you decide whether you want to move forward with your logo or make some revisions.

When you retain Gerben IP to trademark a logo, you receive far more than professional assistance with the USPTO application process. You get information that might help turn your budding business into a prosperous one.

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