On October 27, the Los Angeles Dodgers brought home the second championship to the city of Los Angeles in a matter of weeks.

Los Angeles Lakers superstar Lebron James went to social media to share that he would love to celebrate what has become “a city of champions.” In response, Mark Cuban chimed in on Twitter to point out that he still owns the “CITY OF CHAMPIONS” trademark registration (which USPTO records confirm).

In fact, ESPN did a story about the “CITY OF CHAMPIONS” trademark back in 2016, stating that Cuban paid nearly $40,000 for the rights. An assignment agreement on the USPTO website shows the transfer of the trademark from OrthoSkins, LLC to Mark Cuban in 2012.

Cuban also still sells CITY OF CHAMPIONS merchandise on his Three Commas website, so if another entity wanted to create merchandise using the phrase, they would likely need to acquire a licensing agreement from Mark Cuban.